The US took a big step to ban the popular app on Tuesday.
TikTok, through a bill backed by the White House, In the context of growing distrust towards the West regarding this Chinese social network.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said in a statement. “clap” the text, which among other things will allow apps like TikTok to be banned.

The bipartisan bill “will allow the United States to prevent certain foreign states from exploiting technology services (…) in ways that threaten the privacy of Americans’ data and our national security,” Sullivan wrote.

Some congressmen view the video platform, owned by the Chinese group ByteDance, as a threat to national security. As with a growing number of Western countries, US lawmakers fear Beijing may have access to user data. From all over the world through this application that TikTok has denied for years.

“It is widely known that TikTok poses a threat to our national security,” Republican Senator John Thune said at the presentation of the bill on Tuesday.

Specifically, this law, called the “Restriction Act,” gives the Department of Commerce new powers to veto the application. Another bill in the House of Representatives passed a key stage last week, and at the end of February, the White House ordered the withdrawal of all federal agency devices within 30 days, in accordance with another law passed by President Joe Biden.

Claiming to have more than 100 million users in the United States, TikTok, for its part, said it would mean banning the app. “shutting the mouth of the freedom of expression” of millions. The app already surpasses YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in terms of “time spent” by US adults

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Source: Exame

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