Sonos has unveiled the new Sonos Era 300 and Sonos Era 100 devices, the brand’s next-generation smart speakers, featuring a commitment to spatial sound and technology in design and technology. More connectivity options.

These new Era 300 and Era 100 are the first products developed under Sonos’ new responsible design standards that encompass long-term maintenance, energy-efficient technologies and the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

The two devices are expected to be available worldwide starting March 28, 2023, also priced at $2,907,797 for the Era 300 and $1,585,951 for the Era 100.

For the first time in a compact speaker, it features six powerful built-in speakers that direct sound left, right, forward and up. to deliver breakthrough audio performance with Dolby Atmos that puts users at the center of their movies and music.

The Era 300 features acoustic architecture in an hourglass design where every angle, shape and perforation improves sound direction and dispersion.

It also offers multi-channel surround sound as two rear speakers for home theater.

Sonos customers will have access to spatial audio on Apple Music, along with compatibility with Amazon Music Unlimited.

Refreshing the Sonos One, the Era 100 features all-new hardware and software, finer acoustics and layouts, and shifting controls, delivering detailed stereo sound and deep bass.

It has two curved tweeters that direct high frequencies left and right. A larger midrange woofer provides bass for an intense stereo experience.

With two Era 100s added to the sound bar as rear speakers, a surround sound system can be created for immersive stereo sound.

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