Third season The Mandalorian takes the series into a more ambitious field than ever before. In the two released chapters, Jon Favreau’s script devotes a lot of time to the planet Mandalore and its history. Something that connects the story with the figure Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), an Imperial villain who led the attack that destroyed the planet. This is the key to understanding Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in new episodes and what will happen to the dark saber.

All indications are that Moff Gideon will be at the center of the nascent First Order’s strategy to achieve power. A plan that is barely visible in his actions, but perhaps in his obsession with the nature of abilities Grog.

The character made it clear by admitting that his interest in the little apprentice Mando: was due to his blood. Which could entail a large-scale plan that has almost no indication, but which points to some type of genetic and/or biological manipulation.

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Is Moff Gideon behind Palpatine’s Force-sensitive clones?

Isn’t this the link connecting the series with the events told by the so-called new trilogy and that includes snoke? As we remember, the mentor Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) turned out to be nothing more than a clone palpatine. However, the most striking thing was that the creature had a clear ability to control Force. This is the blood of a protégé Din Djarin the origin of the gloomy figure?

in a trap new republic and under his care, Moff Gideon does not appear to be taking any action yet that benefits his allies. Although, most likely, he will return to the central plot of the series very soon. This may mean that persistent persecution against Grog and the bounty hunter played by Pedro Pascal will continue.

Moff Gideon - Giancarlo Esposito.

At first The Mandalorian, Moff Gideon he was already feared for his cruelty. By that time he had received the title moff – governor of the galactic sector – and completed his most famous mission. In the last years of the empire Mandalore is out of controlso the regime sent an official to command an all-out siege that ended in the destruction of cities on the surface of the planet.

Call Night of a thousand tears it became one of the most brutal murders ever recorded in Star Wars mythology. It destroyed its most important enclaves, government buildings and symbolic structures and made its surface uninhabitable. This forever changed the history of Mandalorian culture and made the few survivors nomads.

The fate of Moff Gideon, a man of extreme cruelty

War crime committed Moff Gideon in one of the most feared figures in the years before the fall of galactic totalitarianism. Later, after the defeat of his troops, he staged his own execution. Thus, he escaped persecution and capture. He also managed to meet with the forces that survived the victory Rebel Alliance. His next appearance, always according to the G canon chronology of Star Wars, coincides with the opening chapters of the book. The Mandalorian. One of his followers was assigned to hire a bounty hunter for a critical mission.

in Nevarro, Din Djarin He was chosen by an anonymous client (Werner Herzog) who assigned him to kidnap the child. But in the end, the Mandalorian refused to comply and complete the mission, even against the Creed of his culture, and found himself face to face with Moff Gideon. Then in the second season, he drew a black lightsaber from Tarre Vistulaa symbol of dominance among the Mandalorians.

Machinations of power and an ominous scenario

It is obvious that the character is the center of a secret conspiracy to restore Empire. A twist that could explain that he can use the scarce resources he managed to save after the victory Rebel Alliance for your own benefit. Even more troubling is the possibility that his actions are linked to the complete annihilation of the Mandalorian people. Which would include avoiding any goal of a future reunion. Faced with Din Djarin with a dark saber and defeated, gave him the right to the throne of his planet.

Command in the Mandalorian

Something that further divides the few survivors. On the one hand, the princess Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) seeks to lead her people. But now you have to face Teamson of the moon Concord and from the more traditional Mandalore faction. He Moff Gideon Could he have devised a strategy for the complete disappearance of the warrior world? Is an even deadlier siege in the making than the one already part of the Star Wars mythology? Time will show.

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