wireless headphones They are most comfortable when listening to music or talking on the phone without having to connect a cable directly. Bluetooth technology.

Because of this, their popularity has grown rapidly and within a few years has become a favorite of users.


bluetooth It is a wireless communication protocol between devices. With this, different technological objects can be connected on the band with a secure radio frequency, and thanks to this connection, voice and data can be transmitted between devices without the need for physical connection,” he explained on the Xataka technology portal.

Today Bluetooth can be found on all devices, from computers to smartphones, tablets and laptops. It also works on headphones, keyboards, digital cameras and other electronic devices. airpods.


These are the tech company Apple Inc. are wireless headphones manufactured and sold by and are characterized by being headphones that work with Bluetooth. They were released in 2016 and are quite popular, although sold separately.

After prolonged use airpodssome hearing aids do not work properly.

This airpods It is programmed to work between 18 and 24 months, after which they begin to lose their useful life because electronic products come with an expiration date.

Batteries used in all electronic goods deteriorate over time. And airpods they are no exception.

According to Xataka, airpods The problem of degradation is more pronounced as the batteries are so small and continued use of these headphones makes them run faster even with moderate use.

This is because the batteries have a certain number of scheduled charges and after completing the built-in lifecycle, lHearing aid functionality will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, if the Airpods battery has already reached its programmed lifetime, Suggests to buy and install a new battery to avoid throwing Airpods.

(It might help you: Apple is suing for allegedly a child being deaf from using AirPods.)

According to Samuel Nieto, a computer engineer, the battery of a hearing aid does not have the same energy and stamina capacity as the other since it was created, as a factory defect.

It is also possible that the battery is out of calibration and needs to be recalibrated. You can try leaving the headphones and the case completely empty and plug them in until they reach 100%.

Another option is if you haven’t placed the two earphones well in the box while charging and one cannot charge.


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