GPT Chat has become one of the most used tools by Internet users since the beginning of 2023. According to the data registered in private portals, the application is already 100 million users in two months of activation.

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The functionality of this program has generated a controversy about its use, because in academic settings, for example, strong contradictions are produced in teaching methods, because it can create scenarios, simple tasks and even newspaper articles in less than a minute.

However, it is being discussed on social networks and forums whether it is possible to profit from the content created by openAI, the creator of the franchise of the portal, as it begins to optimize uptime in some areas.

To try to answer this question, Artificial Intelligence asked directly their perception of monetization through software. His reply was harsh, emphasizing that: cannot produce resources directly from the application, but the capabilities of the tool can give users ideas for this goal:

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However, he noted that prior knowledge must be available to use such an approach: “It’s important to remember that using GPT Chat to generate income requires special skills and advanced technical knowledge.. If you are interested in using GPT Chat technology to generate income, it is recommended that you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to do so successfully.

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Source: Exame

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