Maira Leonor Pineda Padilla, 36, from Sinceleja, and Yeismar de Jesús Casseres, Cartagena, were found dead in one of the beds in their home.. Authorities are investigating the events in which the couple died.

According to the newspaper’s report universal, The couple were chatting Sunday night and Monday morning at a home in the Los Calamares neighborhood.

When she went home after realizing that one of the victims was not her mother, the screams of the woman who found two bodies in the room alarmed the neighbors and the authorities arrived at the scene.

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“Our criminal investigation units are carrying out urgent proceedings together with the Technical Investigation Unit of the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor. What we found there are two lifeless bodies. “There are no signs of violence and we are collecting material evidence,” said Colonel Wilson Parada, commander of the Cartagena Metropolitan Police.

Parada González said: “Firstly, one hypothesis is that there was a death from drunkenness, apparently from an overdose, due to the elements found, which are drugs and narcotics.”

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The events in which this couple lost their lives are being investigated by the authorities.

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Source: Exame

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