The Bogotá Department of Economic Development has announced that a new TransMilenio route will be operational at the end of April in the party and gastrobar areas of the capital.

The announcement was made by the official. Alfredo Batman: “There is talk of a 24-hour city, but it requires very important inter-agency action. Action needs to be taken to get people to shop and do business at unusual hours.”

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Alfredo Bateman pointed out that this new public transport route will have three stops: San Felipe, 85th and 93rd ave.“let’s say sectors that already have night activities, traditional bars, discos, restaurants”.

Emphasizing that other institutions such as Notaries and Bookstores should also be added to the offer, he said, “We have made several pilot applications, all these conditions need to be created at the same time so that trade and people can really go out. Shopping and work at unusual hours.

This new route will start operating in mid-April and May of this year. Thursday to Sunday,”It is a route that we hope will work on the days we want to activate the most in these extended days,” he said.

Finally, Alfredo Bateman said that this new route was given to support the growth of the economy in the Capital and continue to promote arts and entertainment activities such as concerts, shows, events, among others.

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Pamela Avendano

Source: Exame

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