39 year old actress Poncho Herrera has only achieved recognition for her role as ‘Miguel’ in the telenovela ‘Rebelde’.‘, but for even more heartbreaking performances in films and TV shows of international importance.

Director Luis Estrada’s ‘¡Que Viva México!’, which premiered on March 23, is described as a political and social satire. It is not in vain that he called her for his movie.

To promote just that, she attended an interview with the newspaper. Country He revealed some details of Spain and the time he spent there. Television and of course ever since he was a young idol.

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“If Luis talks to me, I’ll be there just as he risked it for me at some point. Luis has changed my life and career,” she said confidently, referring to when she appeared on the “La perfect dictatorship” show.

But, This leap meant that he lost his job. TelevisionApparently, they did not agree with the decision and there was a specific contract involved.

He also touched on the discussion Not participating in the return of RBDA group that met 15 years later and set foot in Colombia because they sold four dates in Medellín. According to him, he is not ashamed of his past, on the contrary: “My past makes me who I am now, and I look back with great compassion, humility, and great gratitude.” However, he is so happy with his current projects that he prefers to stay that way.

He explained that there were no money discussions and that was not about it, but that it was true. When the novel was filmed, all the members gave up the rights to their characters, and the profits did not reach them.. In his words: “We didn’t see a single peso. I was 23-24 years old and I saw the faces of my classmates and all the kiosks selling cookies, chewing gum, juice, notebooks, tennis shoes, pens and nothing. Television The station that owned this project was not fair.”

He gave the example of a time in Los Angeles that filled a venue with 63,000 people and received only 18,000 Mexican pesos; that was to get the conversion right.


Daisy Contreras

Source: Exame

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