More and more people are choosing to devote themselves to this business. attractive career paths in international business; this often allows citizens to choose to work in other parts of the world.

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Australia has decided to host a select profession It may apply to a regional visa, unlike a work visa or a work visa, which anyone interested in residing in the country can continue to apply for.

The regional visa is the new visa model for designated professionals who wish to reside and trade in Australia.

This is unlike a work or study visaor apply to live in rural Australia for a period of five years; Moreover, you can apply for residency after serving in the country for three years.

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application process It costs just over 13 million Colombian pesos, and it can be done virtually via the Australian Department of Home Affairs page.

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Likewise, a regional visa can be applied if the person is supported by an employer or relative who meets the requirements to work and reside in Australia.

By November 2022, anyone wishing to apply for Australian permanent residency, they will have to show that they live and work in the country while holding one of the visas.

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– Stand
– pilot
– Football player
– anesthesiologist
– cardiologist
– Biochemist
– Specialist or Dental Technician
– psychologist
– Art Manager
– Chief
– Construction worker
– Gardener
– Architect
– Carpenter
– Horse Breeder
– Engineer or Agricultural Technician
– aeronautical engineer
– botanical
– Electrician
– cameraman
– advertising specialist
– Accommodation and hospitality related careers

Santiago Andres Venera Salazar

Source: Exame

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