Blockchain art investment platform Freeport has bought a collection of paintings by pop art artist Andy Warhol. The project plans to divide them into shares and issue tokens that allow it to become the owner of original works.

Andy Warhol’s paintings will be divided into shares and tokenized

According to a press release, four of Andy Warhol’s works were “partially purchased” from well-known art collectors. We are talking about “Marilyn” (1967), “Double Mickey” (1981), “Mick Jagger” (1975) and “Rebel Without a Cause (James Dean)” (1985). Each of the paintings will be divided into 1000 tokenized lots.

Dave Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of digital asset management tool Vertalo, told CoinDesk that Freeport will use his service to work on Warhol’s paintings. This will allow users to buy and sell tokens with shared images on any DeFi platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Freeport reports that they were able to resolve all legal issues with the US authorities. In particular, the Securities and Exchange Commission has no objection to starting the project.

The collection will be available for purchase in May, but you can join the waiting list now. According to the project website, the starting price of each tokenized lot will vary between $250 and $860.


Grigory Shcheglov

Source: RB

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