Engineer Camilo Restrepo and one of his relatives went out to chat to the May Day party district in Bogotá on Thursday, May 12, when they were joined by two foreign women who had accompanied them that night.

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A man remained at the clinic after this meeting, and the engineer, reported missing since that night, was found dead after a car accident.

According to the report of Major Luis Acosta, the commander of the Kennedy Police Station, when it is learned that Camilo Restrepo has disappeared, different investigative units begin their search.

“Unfortunately, we were notified that same night. this person was in a traffic accident in Boyacá for the eighth time and sadly died.“.

Likewise, Major Acosta pointed out that investigations are being carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office to locate the criminals who allegedly drugged, robbed and left Restrepo.

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On the other hand, the engineer’s family claims that Camilo was found on the street by men in uniform, was transported to a care center, the change he was in, was obviously dizzy and did not want to go into a care. which decided to leave.

On the other hand, unlike his relative, he managed to get in a taxi and reached the hospital where he was taken and apparently drugged with a substance According to a relative, this caused him to lose consciousness and speech for several hours.


Source: Exame

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