With the enormous diversity of the world and new opportunities to meet different A tool to assist with translation in countries will always be necessary.

Especially those that can be downloaded to your mobile, as they can get you out of a stalemate or help you communicate elsewhere and avoid misunderstandings.

Google translator has the ability to translate more than 100 languages ​​and to do this, simply type or copy the text and you will immediately get your translation.

If you do not have an internet connection. It can access 52 languages ​​and
Use the camera to translate what you see or use the speech mode for instant two-way voice translation in 32 languages.

You can access this application at: AppStore and PlayStore too.

In the case of iTranslate, you can find a tool that works to translate but also works as a dictionary.

It has the ability to translate text or voice conversations into more than 90 languages ​​and you can access several languages ​​from within the ‘app’ in case you don’t have internet; from boredom

Microsoft Translator It also allows you to translate text or voice, translate speech, and even download languages ​​like the ones mentioned above for offline use.

It’s possible to speak or type to translate more than 60 languages, connect devices to have real-time chats with two or more people or translate images, and even have real-time chats between two people on one device.

With this ‘app’ you can translate text, audio and video content into 29 different languages ​​for free. Its interface is very similar to the other options, so you can translate in real time with your camera.dictate words or type directly.

Source: Exame

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