While Elon Musk said on his Twitter account that “the deadline for eliminating inherited blue verification is 4/20”, it is not yet known whether the decision to be extended is correct because the owner of the social network is known for his memes and jokes.

At the beginning of April, it was said that those who do not pay their Twitter Blue membership will lose their verified token in their account.

But in addition to that, Musk has replaced the Twitter logo with the “doge”, the Shiba Inu mascot of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, and likes to joke about 420 (i.e. the unofficial day/time for smoking). It’s unclear if April 20, 2023 is actually the deadline for canceling the status of old accounts or if this is just another Musk joke.

April 1 was supposed to be the deadline for removing blue checkmark badges from old verified accounts that the company previously deemed to be notable and genuine, but Users must pay $8 per month unless they sign up for Twitter Blue.

Musk is switching to paid verification to get the revenue Twitter needs.

In the United States, Twitter Blue costs $8 per month via the web and $11 per month via in-app payment on iOS and Android.

In addition to the blue checkmark, subscribers can edit tweets, stretch tweets up to 4,000 characters, and prioritize ordering in conversations.
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It also noted that starting April 15, only posts from verified Twitter Blue accounts will appear in Twitter’s For You suggestions, along with any Twitter users they follow.

In addition, the social network has launched a program for companies and organizations to be charged $1,000 per month. for verification badges (gold for brands, businesses, and nonprofits; gray for governments).

Accounts made by Twitter since 2009 have a verification badge for celebrities, politicians, companies and brands, news organizations. and other “public interest” accounts that imply they are real accounts and official information.

Known as the payment program, Twitter Blue took just two days to launch, as the bots created thousands of fake and parody accounts that were verified for $8 payouts. After that, the company tried to relaunch its subscription model.

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Source: Exame

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