Google Lens It is an application created by Google that allows both Android and iOS users to recognize objects in front of them with a mobile phone camera.

The application will analyze the image using machine learninga series of examples exploring existing patterns and uses it to predict new samples.

As reported by the custom portal ‘Xataca’, when the user focuses on an object or text, this app will parse and recognize it to let the user know what it is and give them options about that result.In other words, if you focus on an image of a plant, for example, the ‘app’ will offer you different results and actions such as searching for the meaning of a word, translating, or displaying images similar to it. you caught

To achieve this, Google Lens interacts with other Google appsLike the search engine to find relevant images or in the case of texts, it will connect with the translator.

In the case of photos, it will integrate with Google Photos, an application that includes a button that appears on the image and, when clicked, allows the user to analyze the objects contained within it.

This applications It’s completely free and you can search it in your Android mobile’s app store. If you have an iOS you shouldn’t be looking for it as an app, but it’s already included in Google.

When you enter the start of the application, you will find five different buttons. The central button is the automatic button that analyzes the images and offers the best results options. With this button you will find other types of searches or interactions side by side.

For example, on the left you will find the option to translate or manage the text, and on the right it will allow you to buy or search for related products.

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The ‘app’ can be used in two ways, the first is by interacting with objects or text on the page, or the option to use it with your own photos appears in the upper right corner of the screen.i.e. you can select an image from your gallery and Lens will analyze it and find text or other objects in it.


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