Initially called “connected TVs”These devices were later named by companies such as Samsung and LG as follows: ‘smart televisions or Smart TV’.


According to the ‘La Casa del Electrodoméstico’ web portal, currently TVs have evolved almost parallel to other devices such as smartphones.even so that they can be connected to each other so that the control of Smart TV is much easier via mobile phone.

They are considered smart because besides being used for watching television, they are devices that allow. surf the web and have built-in ‘Blu-Ray’ that allows you to play high definition DVDs.

one of his The key features are to have an Internet connection and have video-on-demand services or VoD according to the English phrase..

This means that viewers can often choose the moment to watch a movie or a particular program in exchange for a certain payment.

According to the aforementioned web portal, smart TVs are becoming more and more functional. But there are common features that all models have, these are.

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-Wireless or wired internet connection.

-Internet browser is included in the TV interface.

-The operating system is convenient to know which things are compatible or not.

-Video or music apps open streamingmovies, shows, games, etc.

-Optional features such as connection to other smart devices, voice assistants (Alexa, Google), sending content from smartphone using Google Cast.

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No doubt they are considered as custom made televisions because of their features. entertainment.

Today’s most famous ‘Smart TVs’ are branded ones. SAMSUNG, They even have a series called Samsung Smart TV, but other brands have also joined this technology. LG, Sony, Apple, among others.


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Source: Exame

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