With an update that is currently available for download, 5 changes have come to the YouTube app.

YouTube app, as from time to time, updated to introduce some changes to improve the experience From today, this update is starting to reach all people.

in total they 5 changes that the app includes for usersfocused on improving the experience of all people when viewing content. Most of these changes are focused on discovering new videos and the playback speed of all content.

An update with 5 YouTube improvements for iPhone

The first improvement that can be seen in the application is that the user can see it more easily, most played parts of a video using a custom graphic for him. If the displayed graphic is high, the video part will be watched a lot, so you can avoid irrelevant parts of the content.

YouTube apps

YouTube App update brings 5 ​​exclusive improvements to playback

Moreover a new part of video episodes can be viewed, in addition to the fact that the platform can generate them automatically. While some users may enjoy this innovation, the update consists of the fact that over 20 million videos currently have automatic creation of chapters.

Also introduced is the feature called ‘Loop Video’. Will the video be repeated as many times as you want?. You can enable this utility from video settings (where you choose quality or playback speed).

We’ll soon be testing a new and easier way to find the exact moment you want to watch in a video. If you’re a premium member, stay tuned on Youtube for it. By the way, you can press and hold anywhere on the player to start searching, or double-tap with 2 fingers to switch between video segments and go straight to the specific part of the video you’re dying to watch!

Finally, you can also see New feature in full screen mode of YouTube app. Information about the video such as its description, all episodes and comments will be displayed here.

You can see all the details of the application on the official Google website. In the meantime, we recommend downloading the YouTube app or update as soon as possible, which should already be in the App Store.

Source: i Padizate

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