this afternoon, Different political circles reacted to President Gustavo Petro’s speech on the balcony of Casa de Nariño.Regarding the commemoration of the day of the worker and the worker, he not only took care of the struggle of the working class, but also the struggle of the working class. urged the people to constantly mobilize Colombian who supports the social reforms proposed by the government.

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“We knew his aim was to end Colombian democracy by completely disabling the institutions. Then he would make up an excuse to convene a National Constituent Assembly to stay in power,” said the former presidential candidate. Federico Gutierrez.

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Fernando PosadaThe political analyst and columnist for this newspaper noted that with this speech, he caused concern in Colombian society: “Petro’s speech on the balcony reiterates that what the president is least interested in is to offer peace of mind. It does too much damage. speech that declares enemies to the country and predicts disasters” said.

in the same line, Victor MunozThe former director of the Presidential Administrative Department of former President Duque’s government has called for unity among former presidents beyond conflicting positions among themselves to “preserve Colombia’s institutionalism”.

“After Gustavo Petro’s speech from the balcony today, when democracy, institutions, business, citizens and the country are under threat, it is essential that they work together to protect Colombia’s institutional and constitutional order beyond their deep differences.” said.

Another person questioning the words of the President was the Chamber representative. marelin castilloasking the president to stop ‘playing with the ongoing revolution’.

“You mean new ‘social outbursts’? President Petro is wrong, he is ruling Colombians through fear, hatred and radicalization. We will not tolerate his arrogance and inability to divide Colombians,” he wrote.

Finally, Democratic Center congressman Andres Forero He thought the president’s speech could be read as blackmail: “The alarming blackmail of Gustavo Petro to Colombians in general and Congress in particular. The president is threatening revolution if his reforms to the Legislature are not approved.”

Source: Exame

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