It has become more and more common to see homes and businesses investing in security cameras, installing a more efficient monitoring system, and aiming to protect property.

However, this is a subject that still leaves some people skeptical when choosing models and features, so TecMundo explains a little about this concept and gives you some hints about the equipment you can use. To look:

What is an IP security camera?

IP security cameras fall under the category of digital equipment that runs on some type of network such as a LAN, Intranet or Internet.. They have a built-in web system that allows sending an image in real time to other equipment such as a monitor or television, for example.

In this way, they follow the trend of the Internet of Things, which is starting to become more and more common in many people’s homes around the world.

By the way, cameras aren’t our only ally when we talk about security market technologies, we also have smart locks and presence sensors, just to name a few examples.

IP Security Cameras are connected by some kind of network.

Differences between IP and analog cameras

The market offers different camera models, the main ones being categorized as IP and analog. That’s why it’s good to know the differences between each to know exactly which one to choose when considering the security of your property.

As we mentioned before, the advantage of IP camera is when working on its own network, analog camera needs coaxial cables to transmit images to a television.

Another point is that while IP equipment manages to store the recorded footage in an internal system, it is necessary to invest in a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) device to access the recordings with an analog camera.

5 IP camera tips to buy

Now that you know a little more about IP security cameras, check out the following five tips for models to use.

1. TP-Link Tapo C200 360º Wi-Fi Security Camera

Image: 360º Security Camera, Wi-Fi, Full HD, Tapo C200, TP-Link
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Compatible with instant notifications, virtual assistants when something is detected by motion. 1080p Full HD picture quality.

One of the features of the Tapo camera is that it has the option of rotation (360 degrees horizontally and 114 degrees vertically), night vision and a few other features as well as the user can easily manage all functions using a device specific app. use (including serving as a baby monitor).

2. Xiaomi Mijia 2K Version WiFi Security Camera

10% Closed

Image: Xiaomi Mijia Wifi 360º Smart Camera

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

More protection and security with Xiaomi’s 360º camera. It has voice control, artificial intelligence and motion detector, vibrant colors even in low light, and talkback.

250.00 BRL

In addition to 360-degree horizontal rotation, another camera option with color display even in low-light areas, motion detection alert using artificial intelligence, and voice control using an Echo device or other product with built-in Alexa.

3. Intelbras IC3 Wi-Fi Security Camera

Image: Intelbras IC3 Security Camera
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The IC3 camera provides high definition images for greater clarity during monitoring. It has night mode and 111º field of view for greater visibility.

The IP camera model offered by Intelbras has a night vision mode and the ability to record in HD quality for storage on a micro SD card up to 128 GB, as well as viewing what was recorded using a smartphone.

4. Speed ​​Dome IP Security Camera

45% Closed

Image: Speed ​​Dome IP Security Camera

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Infrared camera, 960p video resolution and 12 volt voltage.

278.50 BRL

The advantages of this IP camera include that you do not need any device to store the recordings, it allows you to control all its functions using a smartphone, and it is waterproof if you decide to use it outdoors.

5. Steck Smart Camera with Wi-Fi and IP65

Image: Wi-Fi Smart Camera with IP65, Steck
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With the application compatible with IOS & Android systems, you can control your home from anywhere with your mobile phone, and the model with IP65 is ideal for outdoor environments, resistant to heat and rain.

This camera is resistant to heat and rain thanks to IP65, as well as HD recording and filming using night vision, motion sensor and two-dimensional sound.

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