A Florida nurse took people by surprise on social networks by telling her story, explaining that she never thought her constant burping was actually a warning sign that her body was giving it to her. After doing several tests, he discovered that he had a potentially deadly cancer.

In 2021, 24-year-old Bailey McBreen began burping up to 10 times a day, which was “not normal” for her. But she ignored what happened to her for several months, but everything got out of control when she progressed to acid reflux and ‘unbearable’ stomach cramps.

According to the news of the ‘New York Post’ newspaper, the young woman was living a very healthy life as she exercised several times a week and ate quite well. However, when he went to the doctor, he was diagnosed with colon cancer, which came as a great shock to him and his family.

A CT scan they did on him revealed that he had “stage 3 colon cancer” and a tumor blocking his large intestine.

“It was really an out-of-body experience,” he said. “I never thought in a million years that any vague symptoms I had were actually stage 3 colon cancer,” he said.

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colon, but my oncologist said it was probably the beginning of my symptoms. He also added: “It was a symptom in my case because my tumor was slowly causing a complete bowel obstruction.”

Therefore, food sticks to the tumor, causing reflux and excessive belching. Fortunately, doctors were able to remove him in an emergency surgery at the end of January this year. Then the young nurse started chemotherapy, which would last until August.

“The whole journey has been a train of emotions. My diagnosis has affected my life in every way you can imagine.”

Despite everything that’s happened to him, McBreen refuses to be “identified” by cancer, so He is determined to do everything he can to fight this disease and therefore changed his eating habits.

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“Now that I’m eating all organic, I don’t think I’d prioritize that before being diagnosed,” she explained. “Being diagnosed with cancer has made me more aware of my body,” she said.

Likewise, the healing process has been spiritual, as this illness has caused him to adjust the priorities he has in life.

“Now all I care about is spending time with my family, eating healthy, my faith and surrounding me with my core group of friends.”, aforementioned. “Life is too short to please people all the time and do things that don’t satisfy you,” he concluded.


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