Apple Announces Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro Coming to iPad Later This Month

The company announced the launch of these two apps in a press release.

Two of the video and audio editing apps will be on the App Store

When the sound of the river comes, the water is carried and this time the sound of the river sounded like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro and would come to the iPadOS App Store in the future. Rumors suggested that its launch would take place in 2024, but Apple came out in a press release. announcing that the arrival of these two apps will take place this month May 2023.

Until now, Final Cut Pro was not available on iPad Pro even though Apple tablets had enough resources to support such high level of rendering. Fortunately this will change and applications Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available on May 23. Great news for iPad users who can enjoy two of the most powerful software on the market.

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro coming to iPad

Apple’s press release invites us to look forward to the release of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. powerful new video editing and audio editing toolsrespectively.

“We’re excited to introduce Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad, enabling creators to unleash their creativity in new ways and in more places.”

last cut pro

Final Cut Pro will be compatible with Apple Pencil

Final Cut Pro for iPad users magnetic timeline to shape the chronology of your video creations to your liking. It will have a function known as live drawing Using Apple Pencil and iPad Pro with M2 chip will be possible use Apple Pencil to preview content video editing. will also introduce key commands For Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Folio, color gradients reference modemiddle HDR and registration ProRes.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro will have various features for editing audio files

Logic Pro, on the other hand, will come to the iPadOS App Store. Multi-Touch controls, touch gesture navigation, instrumental recording, Apple Pencil support, dynamic filters, presets sound and all kinds of sound effects. Logic Pro will also have a special feature to mix sounds and import and export projects between Logic Pro for Mac and the iPad version.

Price of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro It will be around 5 euros and both apps will offer different subscription plans with a one month free trial. will be Compatible with all iPad models with A12 Bionic processor and later. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will be available for iPad starting May 23, 2023.

Source: i Padizate

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