Massacre by FARC opponents in Putumayo, in which four young people lost their lives, He led the National Government to suspend the ceasefire in four departments with the so-called ‘Central Joint Chiefs of Staff’..

(After the massacre, the opposition responds with more threats to suspend the ceasefire).

President Gustavo Petro personally announced the decision by issuing a statement describing this crime as follows: “an abominable truth that questions the will to build a country in peace”.

“There can be no justification for such a crime,” says Metin.


Exactly yesterday, behind the murder of four young Murui people in Putumayo, The FARC opponents have the so-called “Carolina Ramírez” front, which is an ally of the “Central Joint Chiefs of Staff”.

Three of the underage young men belonged to the Guaquira community and managed to evade the gunmen who had enlisted them, according to a report published by Indepaz on May 15. Two days later, on May 17, they were again forcibly detained in this way to kill them in the community of Los Estrechos in Solano, Caquetá, on the border of the Amazonas department.

(Don’t stop reading: The Prosecutor’s Office announces an investigation into the killing of the indigenous Murui people).

The government reported that the decision to suspend the ceasefire was made after listening to the communities and “in addition to other facts that have caused uncertainty and concern to the public, due to the serious violation of International Humanitarian Law by this illegal organisation.”


After the President’s decision Gustavo PetroThe so-called ‘Central General Staff’, in its statement, emphasized that “unilateral rupture, contrary to a policy of total peace, will start the war and the number of dead, wounded and prisoners will increase”.

In addition, they stated that, in their experience, “to the point where the local mechanisms of the Surveillance, Monitoring and Verification Mechanism are not established, this is the least serious for the government to enter the talks.

About putumayo massacre“We insist that the accused facts have never been verified and that there have been no conflicts, extortions or executions in Caquetá, Meta and Guaviare,” he said.

(Last one: “Petro was first responsible for the escalation of violence”: María Fernanda Cabal)

*With information from justice.

Source: Exame

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