Procrastination is one of the problems that most affect people in their working life and daily routines, this activity consists of deliberately postponing pending tasks this can be done now, but this they are left with another opportunity.

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According to some studies, this they are not productive in their company and for some people, solving this problem is often a difficult task; Therefore, we present here some applications and technological tools to solve procrastination.

This app allows you to make a list of tasks in a very visual and attractive way so the tool will remind you what activity you need to perform during the day. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, This is one of the best apps to stop procrastination.

Another widely used application to avoid the problem of delaying activities is Quality Time. It allows you to visualize the time spent on social networks. and that you can use to fulfill some pending tasks.

(Non-communicable diseases: we recommend reading the cost to the world economy in about 20 years).

Experts recommend this application to be used by people who cannot help looking at their mobile phones. Developed as a game mode, this tool consists of keeping a plant alive when it is delayed on social networks. Moreover, can ‘lock’ phone screen to perform a task within a given time.


Source: Exame

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