After a long wait, the first trailer is out! Mission Impossible – Death Sentence. The latest chapter of one of cinema’s most beloved action movies shows that it’s not just the franchise that’s still in great shape. And also the fact that its main character, producer and main object of attention continues to be one of the best. Tom Cruise has once again shown that he is capable of amazing pirouettes and that, in addition, Mission Impossible – Death Sentence It will be – another – tribute to the militants.

But one of the scenes that was included in the trailer, and which surprised, confusing, it was a motorcycle at full speed jumping into the abyss. Especially when it is known that Tom Cruise performs each of his scenes himself. He’s also an actor obsessed with believable scenes in his films, no matter how complex and dangerous they may be. So what seems like an incredible and risky cliff jump has sparked the usual discussion about how dangerous the actor is in the film.

Previous issue Mission: Impossible – Aftermath this allowed the actor to make an impossible jump, as well as control the helicopter with his own hands. Immediately there was a discussion about the risk that Cruz takes – that he takes every shot, even the most risky one, in every film. An excellent conclusion is that part of the visual and story impact of the saga depends on the actor. In fact, in other parts of the franchise, he could be seen clinging to the moving body of an airplane or the wall of the tallest building in the world. Which makes it clear that for Cruise, one of the strengths of the action saga is its ability to confuse.

Mission Impossible – Death Sentence is no exception, and in his trailer, he showed some more risqué scenes. But what struck me was that you can see a motorcycle jumping off a cliff of considerable height. certainlyit is clear that the stunt was performed by Cruz. And this despite the obvious danger associated with its reception. At the moment, the question of how the actor achieved such consistency flooded social networks and profile pages. And the reaction of the actor was immediate. A combination of discipline and, in Cruise’s own words, meticulous preparation for what appears to be the film’s most difficult shot.

Another extraordinary risk to face Mission Impossible – Death Sentence

As actor and film director Christopher McQuarrie explained in Empirethe big shot in the first trailer was miracle of patience and resource management. In addition to considerable physical training, acting skills in riding motorcycles were also discussed. Thus, the preparatory classes included more than 13,000 motocross jumps. Also more than 500 parachute jumps. The scene in which Cruz rides his motorcycle before free-falling. needed the ability to physically transition between spaces.

misión imposible: sentencia mortal, parte 1 tráiler christopher mcquarrie tom cruise

So, in addition to preliminary preparation and testing of Cruise’s ability to drive vehicles, it was necessary to analyze the risk of collision with the scene of the accident. Mission impossible – Death Sentence. The method involved using a GPS on Cruise’s back. Thus, in each repetition before the big double, all the influencing variables could be calculated. From wind speed to trajectory changes and even jump impact pressure. Each calculation allowed us to explore the possibilities of a flawless jump and also take care of the health of the actor.

The photoshoot was filmed on the first day, and the following weeks were entirely dedicated to the stunt. For the magazine, Cruz revealed all the cases where a shot could go wrong and be potentially dangerous.

“If the wind was too strong, I would have thrown myself off the ladder. Helicopter [que filmaba la acrobacia] this was a problem because he didn’t want to go down the ramp at full speed and get hit by a rock. Or, if it came out in a weird way, we didn’t know what was going to happen to the bike. I had about six seconds after getting off the ramp to get my parachute out and I don’t want to get tangled up on the bike. If I do that, it won’t end well.”

But the last shot is perfect. Month of training paid off and the scene included in the trailer shows that it is shocking. It is also a combination of technique and skill put at the service of the militant.

The best of all? That an impressive motorcycle jump is not likely to be a great center pirouette Mission impossible – Death Sentence. Which once again shows the strength and determination of the team with one of the greatest action movies of cinema.

Source: Hiper Textual

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