Harrison Ford returns to cinema screens Indiana Jones 5also called Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doom. With this production, the actor says goodbye to one of his most iconic characters, Indie. With this interpretation, along with the interpretation of Han Solo in the Star Wars universe, he managed to establish himself in the collective imagination as a cinematic benchmark.

About the upcoming premiere Indiana Jones 5 – June 29, 2023 – Harrison Ford did an interview tour and also received occasional tributes, the most emblematic of which was the one held in Cannes Film Festival. After watching the film, the actor was greeted with a standing ovation and Palme d’Orat a time when he was visibly moved.

It’s about the end of a cycle similar to what happened at the time with his work in the franchise. star Wars; in particular, with the character of Han Solo. At this stage of your career, when you are a prestigious figure, is there any comparison between this character and Indiana Jones? Most likely no. But followers from time to time ask the actor.

Harrison Ford and the annoying question
about Han Solo and Indiana Jones

During an interview given squireThe actor commented on what is the most common question he receives from fans star Wars. The actor explained, “Well, I’m usually asked, ‘If there was a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones, who would win?’ [A lo que responde] – I’m an idiot! I don’t want to invent something like that. So why are you asking me about this shit?”

As is the case with many other actors, meeting Harrison Ford in a cafe or restaurant is not possible. However, in case this happens, it is clear that this question is not the best one to break the ice. both characters Han Solo And Indiana Jones, marked the career of an interpreter. At first it was both. But, most likely, one would not exist without the other. Inclusion of an actor in a franchise star Wars it was a bet that happened when he was still an obscure actor.

Since then, his career has gone up, he has led several high-level titles. Gradually, the actor became a regular model, a permanent image on movie posters. The next project in which Harrison Ford will appear is – Captain America: New World Order. This film is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In it, he will play General Thaddeus Ross.

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