At the beginning of May 2023, the first progress on Bird box BarcelonaHe spin off from Blindlythis movie is starring Sandra Bullock. A few years ago, this feature film became a hit on Netflix. Perhaps the platform with this new production based in Europe aims to achieve something similar. There is already a new trailer for it.

Through Bird box Barcelona the same idea can be recognized Blindly: society as you know it starts to split. This contributes to various changes in collective and personal habits. Suddenly there are threats that were not foreseen before. Therefore, it will be necessary to develop protective mechanisms against them.

About it spin off, it should be remembered that the starting point of this narrative is the phrase relevant in its mythology: “Are you ready to see?” (Are you ready to see?). In this story, looks are the means by which people come into contact with strange forces. To avoid this, they need to be blindfolded, reaching a different degree of vulnerability in an already sparse context.

This spin off must Mario Casas like the main character. A story based on the idea proposed earlier will move through it: a wave of mass suicides is going on in the city. Therefore, an attempt is made to find out what is happening while the situation is heating up in terms of public opinion and gradually spiraling out of control.

New trailer for Bird box Barcelona

This film will be adapted in the same time frame as the first part. The official synopsis reads: “After a mysterious force wipes out the world’s population, Sebastian embarks on his own survival journey through the deserted streets of Barcelona. But when he forms a complex alliance with the other survivors and they try to escape the city, an unexpected threat becomes even more sinister.

Although this production was not officially presented as a sequel, but there is a lot of it. It is even possible that the character of Sandra Bullock may have some kind of cameo. The latter has also not been confirmed by Netflix. Among the deserted streets, Sebastian, the character played by Mario Casas, will have to search for his life. Judging by the preview, she will spend a lot of time on this plan due to the physical changes that her figure will undergo.

Along with Mario Casas, the following actors also perform: Georgina Campbell, Alejandra Howard, Nyla Schubert, Diego Calva, Patrick Criado, Lola Dueñas, Gonzalo de Castro, Michelle Jenner and Leonardo Sbaraglia. Blindlythe film that underlies Bird box Barcelona, premiered in 2018. It was a time before the pandemic due to COVID-19in which even on the platforms there was not so much room in entertainment habits.

However, even under such conditions, the film scored over 280 million hours of playback. In recent service history streamingcan be considered one of the most important moments: it is in the TOP 10 English-language productions, giving way to such productions as red alert And don’t look up.

Blindly This has led to more than just success on the Netflix platform as an audiovisual production. If not, it has also positioned itself in the collective imagination through memes and various links. It was the production influence that managed to escape the streaming service to become popular culture. By then, in 2018, there was already talk of a possible Spanish version of the story. It will appear on the Netflix platform on July 14, 2023..

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