Murderer David Fincher seems to sum up the director’s cinematic predilections. Michael Fassbender plays Christian, a killer who slowly begins to question the violence. Also, the way death and his bloody lifestyle reduced his mind to that of a predator with the sole purpose of killing. But understanding comes at the moment when the character also has to face the consequences of his actions. And all this in the middle of a long trip around the world.

All of the above makes the film a strange combination of several of the director’s most famous stories. Paying attention to psychological details Zodiac, makes Christian a dark figure full of nuance. On the other hand, a feature film imitates Seven describing various crimes and also exploring what lies behind each crime. So the film is an interesting milestone. Not only does it bring David Fincher back to his favorite haunts. It also demonstrates the director’s ability to mature in his way of telling stories about the darker aspects of human behavior.

To celebrate, we leave you with five David Fincher films that showcase the best of his cinematic universe. From classic suspense to a story that changed the way villains—or who appear to be villains—are portrayed in cinema. The selection includes both the director’s most interesting decisions in his work and his future legacy. Which Murderer clarify.


It has been called the best crime thriller of modern cinema, and there are good reasons to think so.. David Fincher managed to create a story that combines the best of the genre. don’t go with an exploration of the guilt of our time. Added to this is the intriguing concept of an evil target, embodied in this case by a serial killer.

All from the point of view of two characters doomed to tragedy. The plot centers on two detectives played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Both investigate a series of brutal crimes inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins. But rather than using religious or moral symbolism to support their story, David Fincher explores the darkest and most dangerous places in the psyche of a criminal.

As the murders become increasingly sadistic and grotesque, the plot focuses on the obsessive quest to catch the culprit. But the film is not limited to the actions of the police. At the same time, it explores themes such as morality, justice and human nature. The main characters are faced with the brutality and darkness of the crimes they investigate, testing the strength of their own beliefs and convictions. With the end of the story, Seven It almost immediately became an object of worship.


One of David Fincher’s most personal projects, it also examines the dark side of Hollywood. The plot focuses on life screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz and his work on creating the plot of the cult film Citizen Kane since 1941.

The story, created by Jack Fincher, the director’s father, follows Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) as he struggles under pressure from famed director Orson Welles (Tom Burke). But he also faces his alcoholism, the corruption of the Hollywood industry and the burden of his professional mistakes. At the same time, he strives to write a story that would become the mainstay of modern cinema.

With a non-linear narrative and the use of black and white images, the film is a discursive experiment that also examines the protagonist’s story based on pain. But David Fincher does not forget his obsessions, so a good part of the plot is built on the excesses and dangerous violence of fear. A combination that makes the film a painful chronicle of the unexplored Hollywood.


David Fincher has an obvious penchant for pondering moral evil. Hence Zodiac, is probably the feature film that comes closest to his vision of evil in modern times. Based on true events, it focuses on the story of a serial killer who terrorized The San Francisco Bay Area in the 1960s and 1970s.

But what could have been a simple pursuit of a criminal becomes, in the director’s hands, a sinister look at journalistic ethics and collective fear. The film chronicles how the search for the killer also reveals… the way our culture consumes violence and brutality.

The plot follows the investigation of a case where a killer sends mysterious letters and messages to the media and the police. But interestingly, David Fincher delves into how the killer’s need for confession becomes a quest for ethics. The most difficult plot point.

A loss

The adaptation of the book of the same name by Gillian Flynn, who also wrote the screenplay, is suspenseful and complex. But at the same time, an original look at gender roles and violence from a seemingly obvious crime story.

The story follows Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike), a seemingly happy couple. But their idyllic façade of family coexistence is crumbling. when Amy disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary.

As the police investigation progresses and the media gets involved, Nick’s image as a loving husband begins to crumble. This raises suspicions that he could be involved in Amy’s disappearance. Moreover, when it came out, he was unfaithful before what happened to her.

But when the mystery of what happened to Amy is revealed, the film takes an unexpected turn and gradually becomes a dark meditation on disillusionment. And also rage, revenge and fear. Everything has a twist that surprises not only with the irony of what it offers, but also with its version of j.emotional power games between men and women.

Aliens 3

David Fincher’s Foray into Science Fiction Becomes a Classic Film Franchise xenomorph in the exploitation of greed. Plot Aliens 3 The action takes place immediately after the events of the previous film directed by James Cameron. On this matter, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) – the only survivor who managed to reach Fiorina 161a penal colony where criminals live.

Ripley He discovers that the creature he fought is also alive and is now stalking his fellow inmates. Considered to be darker and darker in tone than any of the others, this game is also an interesting play on the tension between the characters. In a film without heroes, the director manages to tell a story in which sacrifice, redemption is just as important as the titular monster.

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