Although Fast & Furious 10 It is still not shown in theaters much, after the premiere on May 19, 2023, the film can already be seen on some video streaming platforms in the United States. The variant is curious, considering that this kind of feature film usually arrives on this kind of service some time later, even a few months after its debut on the big screen.

This decision may reflect a fundamental problem in the franchise. Fast and Furious: perhaps, in terms of box office receipts, the tenth production does not live up to expectations. This can be influenced by various aspects. Before addressing them, the official announcement of the movie’s streaming capability:

The main message that stands out in the advertisement is: “Swim at home”. Given that the film can be viewed in theaters, mobilizing the potential viewer to home screens does not seem consistent. Especially when you take into account that the film industry has struggled to recover from the quarantine. COVID-19. In this context, what could happen to production in order for it to reach Video on demand (video on demand)?

Fast & Furious 10 streaming: why so early?

After fast and furious 9, part of the public opinion was hard on the franchise. What was the main problem? Violating the contract of plausibility, which has already been stretched enough in the previous parts. However, this ninth production took the main characters to an unimaginable level. This, although it could be curious to the audience, had a downside: the exaggeration of history to the level of absurdity.

Why is it considered? This may have affected the reputation of the franchise. gradually, this racing-focused and car-improving story has led to a superhero team of sorts behind the wheel. capable of going beyond Earth to save her. Within this framework, it would be convenient not to rule out that there were followers who wanted to go crazy after the ninth part.

On the other hand, although in connection with the foregoing and as reflected screen tiradebox office may not be as expected. Fast & Furious 10 Over $500 million has already been raised. This figure exceeds the $340 million invested in production. However, this amount does not seem to fully satisfy the participants. The aforementioned media outlet points to a key fact: of this amount, just over 130 million is in the local market. That is, the film’s commercial success occurs internationally.

So by enabling the VOD option to pay between $19.99 and $24.99, depending on whether you want to rent or buy, franchise Fast and Furious a commitment to try to get more revenue in the United States market. It remains to be seen how this may affect the future, given that there are at least two more productions that will end the main saga that began in 2001.

Source: Hiper Textual

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