Former US Air Force officer David Charles Grusch presented allegations about the country’s secret military programs. According to him, these programs are involved in the recovery of vehicles believed to be non-human for several decades.

The war officer reportedly filed a complaint with Congress and the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, claiming to have information supporting his claims about the salvage of these vehicles.

Analysis of the properties, materials, and atomic arrangements of these instruments, as well as their radiological signatures, indicate that they are of exotic origin, possibly extraterrestrial, or of unknown origin. Grusch emphasizes that materials include solid and partially solid tools.

In an interview, he revealed that several senior officers and former intelligence agents, some of whom he had known throughout his career, had shared classified information with him. They allegedly provided him with documents and other evidence regarding a secret ship salvage program unknown to the UAP Task Force. Grusch claims these non-human-made vehicles, often called spacecraft, have crashed or crashed to the ground, and in some cases, pilots have died.

He even revealed where undisclosed “legacy programs” related to unidentified flying objects (UFOs) are hidden from various institutions. These programs are intertwined with traditional covert access programs that operate without proper reporting to supervisory authorities.

He spoke of the existence of a decades-old, publicly unknown “Cold War” involving the recovery and exploitation of physical materials from UAP accidents or landings. According to Grusch, the aim of this competition is to to gain national defense advantage with reverse engineering and asymmetrical capabilities..

While details about recovery locations and program names remain confidential, some current members of the recovery program have spoken to the Office of the Inspector General. Confirmatory aspects of Grusch’s claim.

Karl Nell, a retired Army colonel working with Grusch on the UAP Task Force, has backed the claim that there has been a covert land arms race focused on reverse engineering technologies of unknown origin over the past eighty years.

Source: Tec Mundo

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