In 1959, Walt Disney said in a magazine interview BBC that his intention with the studio production was to entertain but also to educate. Something he explored more freely when his most popular characters came to television. Decades later, the phenomenon has spread to theme parks and other intellectual property. Currently, the Disney+ subscription service brings together in one place some of the most popular sagas and films of modern cinema, as well as a selection of original series and touching stories that are very worth it.

Which makes it the perfect space for lovers of the seventh art. Thanks to his catalog, great films are more accessible than ever. And his shows have found a place for learning through entertainment. A combination that became part of his personality.

We leave you five extraordinary series to explore in the simplest and most innovative way. A journey that ranges from the functioning of the human mind to exploration of the North American space program. Of course, they are all demonstrations that learning can be fun as well.

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Surprisinglythe series is as funny as it is idiosyncratic

What makes us laugh? Why do some people dream in color while others claim to have black and white dreams? Why do we feel pain and pleasure? In two seasons and eighteen episodes, a peculiar series Surprisingly tries to answer all these questions through the scientific method. But aside from exploring the anatomy of the human body or the biology that influences our behavior, it’s a friendly take on science. One that shows that even the most complex mathematical calculations and the most detailed explanations about medicine can make you laugh.

The story, presented by Mexican singer Alex Sintek, travels through Latin America and the United States to investigate. From how emotions influence our thoughts to the pleasure of riding a bike. Each episode is a journey through the endless mysteries of the human race, its interaction with the environment and what surrounds it. Using word games, simple tests, physical exercises, and even crossword puzzles, the script demonstrates that scientific learning is not limited to the lab.

Rather, it has to do with understanding the world as an interconnected web of wisdom. This peculiar Disney+ series not only tries to show that scientific knowledge can be something everyday. It is also a valuable way to delve into our differences and our way of understanding the world. One of the great messages Surprisingly.

Amazon: Lost Civilizations

Amazonia: Lost Civilizations, a kind of Disney+ series

Often the history of the Amazon is directly connected with secrets and scientific speculation. In particular, when considering the living conditions of its inhabitants before colonization. a kind of series Amazon: Lost Civilizations explores the mystery in three chapters, but is not limited to repeating known data. Instead, by traveling to the most exotic places in Latin America, he tries to understand the cultural evolution that took place in impressive places. Emphasizing the difficult climatic and geographical conditions that the former inhabitants of the region had to face.

This peculiar series, which you can watch on Disney+, is based on the hypothesis that the civilizations that inhabited the tropical jungle 2,000 years ago were more complex than one might think. In addition, his mysterious legacy, which has yet to be discovered, is associated with a revolutionary view of progress. Each 48-minute episode explores a different aspect of life in an area known for its topographical hazards. And also how the indigenous inhabitants of the large swaths of jungle that stretch across Brazil and Venezuela were able to build a prosperous society.

The result shows the possibilities of archaeological discoveries of great value. Also, a way to rethink history as we know it. A new perspective to study the great pre-Columbian cultures and their legacy for the future.

Not from here, not from China

The 2023 Oscars had the distinction of demonstrating that cultural diversity is fun to entertain. Movie All at once in parts at the same time, created by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, not only won the most important statuettes of the evening. In addition, he celebrated a new way of understanding mythology, ethnicity and identity. All in a sci-fi setting that mixes philosophy and deep existential questions.

The same can be said about the unusual series. Not from here, not from China, based on the comic book of the same name by Jin Luen Yang. The eight-episode production follows Jin Wang (Ben Wang) as he struggles to find his place in the world. Something more than challenging being the son of a Chinese immigrant couple. On the other hand, Wei-Chen (Jimmy Liu) has a difficult life in a house where his future is often discussed. Moreover, in a few decades he will become a mythological deity.

The combination of teen comedy and fantasy leads to a story about everyday life from an unusual point of view. The chemistry between instant best friends Jin and Wei-Chen becomes an exploration of adolescence and its stages. This allows for the exploration of universal themes such as family heritage, love and responsibility. A teaching that, despite the idiosyncratic perspective of this series, is one of its strengths.

Apollo: We’ve Reached the Moon

The Apollo space program is a milestone in the world of science. Thus, this series of reviews of the entire process that brought man to the moon is also a kind of way to delve into the evolution of the scientific field. Mixing fiction and real evidence, the two episodes chronicle a process that took years to complete.

From the announcement of the possibility of an unmanned vehicle crossing the Earth’s orbit to its achievement. The statement analyzes the collaborative efforts of laboratories, researchers and experts in various disciplines to overcome mechanical and physical obstacles. The production also includes all sorts of unreleased material that allows us to understand the pressure on the teams involved and how that commitment to success has turned the project into a generational milestone.

Apollo: We’ve Reached the Moon is a series that celebrates the changes – social and cultural – that such a feat meant for modern history. The documentary shows a future full of promises of space adventure. At the moment, they are not fulfilled, but they have a definite purpose and an illustrious history that needs to be revisited in order to continue.

attack artart series

Being an artist – in any field – is a challenge that requires a lot of effort. So, four seasons of a peculiar series attack art they delve into the possibility of creativity as a form of learning.

In addition to the perception of aesthetics, its rules or techniques, the chapters focus on awakening the need to present any work as an entertainment process. Even one that can be integrated into everyday life and moments of family vacation.

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Each chapter analyzes the way of knowing the artistic world. Through games and routine, the plot tries to rethink reality and turn it into daily inspiration. In the Latin American version, the concept becomes even more dynamic, with walks and excursions that integrate nature into the learning process. A completely new twist on the original story.

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