Thanks to his successful performance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland he more than consolidated his position in spiderman 4. However, the reality is that the actor has more and more doubts about the end result. What will this film give?

Recently in an interview Hollywood Reporter, Tom Holland admitted that some part of him would prefer to give way to another actor V spiderman 4. Why exactly? From his words, one can intuitively understand that he fears that the film will not live up to expectations, despite the trust they have in the proposed story. The above, of course, could harm his legacy as Spider-Man.

“This is a collaborative process. First meetings for spiderman 4 We asked ourselves, “Why do we need to do this again? And I think we have found a reason for this. I’m very, very happy with where we are creatively,” commented Tom Holland, adding:

“But I’m also a little worried. In all franchises there is a stigma about the fourth part. I feel like we’ve reached home run with our first franchise, and part of me wants to persevere and pass the baton to the next lucky person who can bring this character to life.”

Tom Holland.

Frankly, Tom Holland’s concerns about spiderman 4 They are fully compressible. Currently, there are several factors that one way or another can cast doubt on the success of the film.

First of all, one should not forget that previous two sagas spider man they ended badly. The film starring Tobey McGuire, after two excellent films, fell into a deep rut with spiderman 3. At least in the realm of storytelling, much remains to be done.

From my side, The Incredible Spiderman It was a roller coaster of situations. The first film, released in 2012, satisfied the fans, but not Sony. The collection has not reached the level planned by the company. Unfortunately for him, this failure was repeated in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Such was the production company’s frustration that they ended up canceling the trilogy’s conclusion, with Andrew Garfield leaving the character through the back door.

Whatspiderman 4 Could this be a box office flop? It looks complicated, especially considering the impressive numbers of the previous three feature films. But there is a current situation that cannot be ignored: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is far, far from its heyday.

After Phase 3, few Marvel films have convinced their target audience. Even Spiderman: No Way HomeWhile the dream of bringing three generations of arachnids together has come true, it’s not considered a great film, other than its nostalgic component.

There is no doubt that superhero cinema has entered a phase of exhaustion altogether. spiderman 4 and Tom Holland, when the time comes, they will have to deal with this obstacleby far the most difficult as the actor gives life to the character.

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