The American shopping and entertainment complex Area 15 hosts several exhibitions, there are several interesting shops and attractions, and Omega Mark is considered the main attraction. If you are ever in Las Vegas, be sure to visit this unusual supermarket.

Although calling this place a supermarket would not be entirely correct, the phrase “art installation” would fit better. When you first enter the room, you will not immediately understand that something is wrong with this place. If you don’t look closely at the product display cases, Omega Mart looks like a typical store. But there are no familiar brands or products here, and almost every product is stylized as something else, causing cognitive dissonance among visitors.

For example, here is wolf food.

On the shelves of a surreal store you can see: salted peanuts without peanuts, sunflower oil stylized as a cleaning agent, frozen “human” brains and hearts, a small wallet in the form of an avocado and much more. But unusual products are only a small part of Omega Mart.

This is what your ad looks like.

The real adventure awaits you behind the doors of the refrigerators, where instead of soft drinks there are secret rooms with attractions, art exhibitions and even more strange products. You can visit several themed areas decorated with contemporary art. And this is not just a random exhibition: paintings, sculptures and art objects are arranged in such a way that you get a complete story about the “emergence of consumer culture”.

Little summary

In one of the secret rooms there is a bar, which can only accommodate 50 people at a time. Due to this limitation, unusual atmosphere and interesting drinks, most of the visitors seek to enter this room.

one of the drinks

Omega Mart is open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. The cost of admission is $54 for an adult and $50 for a child, you can buy tickets on the official website.

The American shopping and entertainment complex Area 15 hosts several exhibitions, there are several interesting shops and attractions, and Omega is considered the main attraction…

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