FlashAndres Muschietti is a journey through and through mythology COLUMBIA REGION. The film is a narrative bridge between the most recent endeavors in the publisher’s failed expanded universe. In addition, the exploration of the possibilities of his characters. For the first time, the character played by Ezra Miller shows his full potential. Which allows him to change the nature of time and understand the full breadth of the multiverse. A concept that has been hinted at in several films in the franchise, but in this case it is used to its fullest, intriguing potential.

In particular, during the third part of the feature film, when the consequences of an attempt Barry for saving her mother (Maribel Verdu) are obvious. Gradually, the plot connects what has been proposed before – the inevitable as part of a series of events that create the future – with a single concept. Is it really possible to change future events by changing one event? Flash He doesn’t have all that when explaining something like this – in fact, he contradicts himself a couple of times – but he is able to support the idea of ​​alternate dimensions with ease.

It is at the end that it becomes more complicated and this suggests that Barry reached an unknown end of the chronological gap. Which causes him to be stuck in a new timeline and likely have no chance of returning to his own. We will explain, step by step, what happened in the dispute that led to this conclusion.

Time runs in a spiral Flash

Story Flash tells how Barry Allen he manages to prevent his mother’s death in the past and return to the present. Once there, he finds that he has changed the course of events enough to change the world as he knows it. This means that in his place is a much younger version of himself that has not yet gained his powers. Therefore, he must help his variant gain his abilities, which causes him to lose his own in a paradoxical clash.

But that’s not the biggest problem a superhero faces. Flash. Barry will discover that Justice League does not exist and what Batman, the only hero who seems to have ended up in a new alternate reality is a different person than the one he met. figure Gotham (Michael Keaton) is mired in her own mental debate. With no intention of becoming a hero, let alone interfering in any events outside of the Batcave. What Happens When the Kryptonian Invasion Returns Zod (Michael Shannon). The latter wants to revive his home planet on the ashes of the Earth, as he tried in the film. man of Steel.

Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash

unexpected phenomenon

The great end of history begins when Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (Sasha Kalle) is released from detention in a laboratory in Serbia. The last daughter of Krypton was subjected to cruel experiments, so she has no intention of saving the human race. But, once he finds out that Zod wants the total destruction of the planet, he decides to do it in some way realizing his place in history.

So it helps Barry – main timeline Flash– restore his strength by lifting him above the clouds so that lightning strikes him. one day both Flash have their powers, they must face the alien forces that are trying to conquer the world. But everything will be much more complicated than any of the heroes suggests.

failure as a lesson

Options BarryHe Batman this reality and Kara they fly to the Mojave to confront the Kryptonian fleet. supergil facing Zod, which reveals Kal-El’s fate and his absence from the plot. In this timeline, an evil general stopped a baby pod on his escape from Krypton. So he managed to catch it and collect the blood. What caused the son Jor-El died in the process.

Bye Kara to fight with Zodboth Barry they are trying to collide with a group of ships descending on the planet. helped Batman, who tries to provide air support despite being outnumbered by alien vehicles in terms of power and speed. But in the end, reality seems to doom the impromptu team to failure in Flash.

Bruce attempts to blow up the main ship, dealing critical damage to his own, and is trapped after failing to eject from the cockpit. In a desperate decision, he crashes into the Kryptonian to cause permanent damage to her – at least that’s his intention – and dies in the process. Meanwhile, Kara is killed by Zod, who thus manages to win in the middle of a bloody scene.

Flash and inevitable future

It was then that the younger Barry, for the first time realizing the potential of his abilities, had an idea. The one who will go back ten minutes and prevent the murder of Batman and Kara. The original Barry doesn’t quite agree with the idea, but they both end up running towards him. speed force. Which, of course, has the desired result: they manage to prevent Bruce from crashing on the massive Kryptonian ship.

However, he still dies due to his injuries and Kara killed again Zod. What causes the younger version of the hero to make a new attempt to avoid the inevitable. Again and again he tries to change the facts and events, which, to his surprise – and the surprise of his older version – end up with the same result.

Ezra Miller, star of The Flash, in the arms of Tom Cruise

That’s when the big discovery happens. Flash. In the middle of the intermediate place, where the probable and possible future are visible to the naked eye in the form of colored spheres, there is dark flash. Monstrous, twisted variation Barry Allen who traveled to speed force and again. This figure has survived countless realities and dimensions in an attempt to save the maximum number of people, which, in the end, proved impossible.

Who is the mysterious Dark Flash?

This vicious creature is none other than a young man Barry, which expanded his ability to travel through time to the unimaginable. Torn apart by countless stories, possibilities and probabilities, he is a ruthless entity ready to kill. In his mind, the only way he can ensure his existence is by killing the older Barry and thus avoiding any resistance to him becoming what he is now.

And what is even more unique, this character from Flash deviated from the schedule Barry Allen central to him to reach an alternate future – his own – and that would allow him to gain powers. In other words, he gave birth to himself.

When the paradox is revealed, all the promised cameos in the film appear one after the other. In each of the spheres – possible, distant and probable future – there are versions Batman And Superman. You can see Adam West’s Batman costume or Christopher Reeve’s Superman costume as well Super Girl Helen Slater. They both look at what actually looks like a crack. Also, a brief overview of George Reeves’ son Krypton. Finally, at the most confusing moment, comes Tim Burton’s performance Supermanplayed by Nicolas Cage. He fights a giant spider and, after defeating it, looks up at its reality rift that extends into the dark blue sky.

Barry tries to convince dark flash from what he learned on his adventure, the past can be changed, but at a terrible cost. But the evil being intends to kill his old version and thus ensure his own life. Something that would have happened if young Barry hadn’t intervened and avoided it, at the same time he sacrifices himself.

Present and future converge again

With a last effort, Barry goes back in time and reconstructs his history as he knew it before. Before returning to his timeline, he meets his mother, and although she does not recognize him and is about to die, there is a brief moment of love between them. However, before leaving, the hero cannot but make one more attempt to change the future. So she takes some cans of tomatoes from her mom’s cart and puts them on the top shelf in the grocery store sideboard.

Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin in The Flash.

Previously, Flash He explained that although there is a trial of Barry’s father (Ron Livingston), there is no conclusive evidence to justify him. Because the only record that can show that he was elsewhere at the time of his wife’s murder doesn’t show his face. On the video from surveillance cameras, he is captured in a supermarket, but he is unrecognizable due to the fact that he never looked up.

Another new future for Flash

But Barry’s gesture again causes history to change. He can’t prevent his mother’s murder, but an indictment against his father can. On that tragic night, he goes to the supermarket and now looks up to find cans of tomatoes so his face is recorded. Again, in his present, the tape proving his innocence allows the case to be retried, closed, and released.


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Finally, the last sequence Flash seems to show the best day of Barry Allen’s life. His father has just been rehabilitated, Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) is dating him, and reality seems to be back in order. Until he got a call from Bruce Wayne to congratulate him on his father’s appeal. The voice sounds a little different, and when the millionaire’s car pulls up the street, it’s not Ben Affleck’s Batman who gets out. With short hair and a gray beard, it’s George Clooney. The Flash finds himself in a different timeline and definitely further from home than ever.

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