Often in the catalog Disney+ refers directly to well-intentioned stories and classic love stories. Which, of course, is a tribute to the studio’s long history of bringing great, moving stories to the screen. However, the company also produced the film. exquisite (1940), which has scenes of horror and humor.

At the same time, the extensive Disney archive contains one of the first adaptations of the chilling fairy tale. Legend of Sleepy HollowWashington Irving. YouThe Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad returns the plot of the headless ghost on the back of a fire-eyed horse for animation.

The film has elements of humor accompanying its elements of horror, with a successful atmosphere that remains chilling despite the fact that almost eighty years have passed since its release.

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We leave you with five suggestions of funny horror movies that you can find right now in the Disney+ catalog. From a famous attraction turned into a scary feature film, to a story about an atypical superhero in the skin of a werewolf. A whole journey through a frightening dimension that explores different points of view on what can cause fear and, at the same time, laughter.

haunted mansion (version 2003)

One of the most famous Disney theme park rides is getting a new adaptation in 2023 from director Justin Simien. However, in 2003, a movie came out that faithfully recreated the story it comes from and is part of the studio’s curious classic of horror and humor.

Directed by Rob Minkoff and starring Eddie Murphy, this hilarious horror film follows a pair of real estate agents. Jim And Sara Evers. Both are hired to assess the condition of the mansion. Gracie, evaluate the property and sell it. However, they soon discover that the building is haunted by the ghosts of its former owners, so they must try to solve the mystery behind the death of one of them.

Despite being aimed at a family audience, the director manages to create an eerie atmosphere that explores the codes of horror cinema. In fact, his take on the supernatural elements of the known source material is far more mature than one might think. This allows the film to tell two stories in parallel. On the one hand, the one that is part of the entertainment of Disneyland. On the other hand, one that combines frightening and disturbing elements in a peculiar way. The result of the film isn’t always strong – it tends to be humorous – but it still has a good sense of horror and is intriguing.

Movie new mutantswith more horror and less humor

One of the most curious films in the saga of X-Men it also has a plot that leans towards dark places. New mutants, directed by Josh Boone, explores the disturbing nature of extraordinary ability. In particular, when they are able to influence the reality and perception of fear from a disorienting point of view.

Starring Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Heaton, this humorous horror film is about young people with inexplicable powers. A notable change in the franchise’s tone regarding youth vulnerability. In fact, the plot tells about the first awakening of abilities and the grotesque consequences that they can have. The story reflects ideas of difference and extermination from a grotesque, claustrophobic and macabre perspective.

Secluded in a secret facility, developing their abilities, the mutants will find that force is more of a weapon than a tool. A subtle nuance that intensifies as they face their own personal fears and traumas and find they must contend with a mysterious presence lurking within the facility.

The film combines horror and superhero codes, creating a tense atmosphere with some humorous touches. Despite its clumsy storytelling and a troubled production run that caused the film to fail at the box office, it’s still a rare glimpse into the power and secrets of the human psyche.

Curse of the werewolf

This combination of the most recognizable twists on Marvel Cinematic Universe and a 1950s horror film was released in 2022. By the hand of Michael Giacchino, the story details much of what might be considered the supernatural dimension of the publishing world. But beyond that, the film delves into how terror is understood in a saga that is considered humorous. This is one of the first experiments in the franchise that brings you closer to the darkness of supernatural beings and their abilities.

The film included in the special Marvel in the Disney+ catalog, it’s an aesthetic and narrative tribute to terror. Filmed in black and white, it tells the story of a group of monster hunters who meet after losing their leader to choose his successor. Among them are Jack Russell (Gael Garcia Bernal), whose intentions are much more complicated than they seem. Such is its nature, which begins to manifest itself as time passes, when the full moon rises in the night sky.

With its experimental air and, no doubt, unusual, Curse of the werewolf is a curious addition to the great stories of the saga. However, it is also an open door to darker realms associated with harsher and bloodier notions of human nature.

return of the witchesthe quintessence of horror films and humor

In 1993, director Kenny Ortega managed to combine a family comedy with a story about witches who keep the codes of horror films. The result was return of the witchesbecome a generational phenomenon. The plot follows Max (Omri Katz), a teenager who moves to Salem with his family. Of course, the script focuses on magic and the occult associated with the historic city, but in its most unique version. Which includes the oral legend of the terrible sisters sandersoncreatures of evil that inhabited the city.

They are the ones who will come back to life when Max makes a mistake with staggering consequences. Winifred (Bette Midler) Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mary (Katie Najimy) – Three 17th century witches sentenced to a terrible eternity. However, freed from their spell, they will try to take revenge on the city, unraveling the complexities of the modern world.

Directed by Anne Fletcher, the second film – and sequel – to this tale of horror and humor hit the Disney+ catalog in 2022. Yet again, sandersons They are liberated in the current setting, but now they will have to decide whether they want to do justice – in their own special way – or seek redemption. Which brings the story to a chilling conclusion with the promise of a sequel that the studio confirmed a few weeks ago.

Saga halloween

film series halloween it is also an exploration of the paranormal, combining horror and humor. At the center of the saga is a family of witches. pipers they have kept a secret for generations, as well as a type of power that can surprise and frighten. The films are about magic, power, and how the world around the characters becomes more unique and appealing.

first delivery, halloweensince 1998, tells the story Marnie Piper (Kimberly J. Brown). A young woman learns that she belongs to a family of witches and that her grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) is especially strong. An unknown relative lives in the town that gave the film its title, a place where monsters and magical creatures can live in peace. In addition to the fantasy, the script explores emotional relationships and the need to accept the past and family heritage.

Halloweentown 2: Calabar’s Revenge The premiere took place in 2001 and continues the events of the previous one. The story is about how Marnie and his brothers expose the evil sorcerer, Calabarwho tries to destroy halloween and invade the Land of the Dead. Released in 2004 Halloweentown High, which explores the growth of his characters and their later childhood years.

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Finally, back to halloweentown (2006), the fourth installment in the franchise, features the protagonist about to go to university. This horror and humor film is the most mature in tone and aesthetic, so its approach to fear is more interesting than previous ones.

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