First news announcing the second season And just like thatfrom HBO, is a direct tribute sex in new york. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) will be invited to the famous Gala Concert. Which reminds us that the phenomenon of the 1990s, from which spin off, had a frivolous background. Very much so despite his lengthy discussions with a feminine point of view on controversial topics and occasional bitter chapters.

But, in fact, the production, which became a landmark, was also a perception of beauty, fashion, and the aesthetic trend of that time. So the fact that in its sequel Carrie is invited to the center of the world of high fashion is a very symbolic event. At least one that will set the style and tone for the six chapters of this part. Much more like And just like that decides to give an entirely new dimension to what has been proposed so far.

On the one hand, it is clear that the plot has left behind the gloomy discussions about the duel of its first chapters. now a widow Carrie has a passionate affair with Franklin (Ivan Hernandez), producer of his podcast. By which the narrative reflects that in this case its protagonist will enjoy life.

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And just like that

The HBO series is a reworking of the cult series Sex and the City that lacks the latter’s vitality. The second season of the spin-off leaves behind her adult reflections on grief and female adulthood to focus on her usual obsessions. This time, his characters cross the shaky ground of unsatisfactory relationships. But it does not achieve the freshness that made the production for which it became famous. With a flat, risk-free script whose theme has outlived its usefulness, And Just Like That disappoints in its predictability and lack of attention to beloved characters from popular culture.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

New York shines again

Gone were the silent scenes of one of Carrie’s weeping about the loss of her husband in And just like that. The journalist who became a successful writer returns to her starting point. A lonely woman in an exciting city explores love in all its manifestations.

And just like that tries to restore, as far as possible, carefree joy sex in new york. Its opening scenes present beloved urban heroines ready to spend a night of passion with their partners. Just as in the story from which it is taken, there is the joy of life and the need for hope. A twist to simply enjoying a story that is very similar to the original, or so it seems. The argument is specific. A group of women want happiness and will go in search of it, overcoming the obstacles and nuances of modern life.

And just like thatthe past returns

Perhaps for this reason the new season And just like that there is some artificial tension in it. Clearly, the script by Michael Patrick King, Samantha Irby, Rahna Fruchbom and Keli Goff aims to create an upbeat pacing. But each scene seems to be a smaller, less eloquent version of what it came from. Especially when it is an obvious tribute that does not hide its origin at all.

Charlotte and Carrie in movie

Even Carrie have a new friendship with Aidan (John Corbett), one of the most memorable characters in the original series. There is something of a piece built into the plot in his return. Particularly when the long scenes of conversations and overt flirting between the two lack realism. Every moment in spin off does not seem to effortlessly fulfill the purpose of advancing the plot And just like that to familiar and trodden places. Which makes the whole story a lackluster continuation of a dispute that had a very specific cultural weight.

New and old characters

Argument And just like that It is not new and does not take risks with its new leaders. Nia Wallace (Karen Pittman), abandoned by her husband and in the midst of a deep spiritual crisis, is again only a modest addition to the central plot.

Carrie and just

The same can be said about the novel. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) Che (Sarah Ramirez), which delves into the first disagreements of idyllic love. But the script is limited to showing that the couple are so different from each other that the impending disaster is predictable. There is no further indication of how much the character’s life has changed other than New York City and how he has dealt with the strange experience. Even the various allusions to Miranda’s alcoholism end up being just little bits of information with no context or follow up.

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Second season And just like that he has the same problem as in the previous part: he lacks a true purpose. Is it about telling the story of your characters’ lives after they come out of bachelorhood? Study of female maturity? An excuse to return to beloved characters rooted in popular culture? Between the question marks, something becomes obvious. The series isn’t strong enough to keep up with expectations and the story that comes before it. A problem that makes it a secondary work that does not fully acquire its true identity.

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