There has been an increase in respiratory syndrome cases in the northern provinces of China in recent weeks. Therefore, WHO requested information about the epidemic from the Chinese government. According to the bulletin, There is not yet enough data to predict whether the situation will become a new pandemic threat.

Since mid-October, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been monitoring the rise in respiratory syndrome cases in the Asian country. One of the most alarming data was the emergence of undiagnosed pneumonia..

However, according to the report submitted to WHO; Although the number of cases is high, no new virus has been detected. The worst-hit areas were the capital Beijing and the northeastern province of Liaoning.

Major circulating pathogens include: influenza viruses, mycoplasma pneumoniaSevere acute respiratory syndrome caused by respiratory syncytial virus and coronavirus 2.

Moreover, according to Chinese health authorities, this exponential increase may be due to some factors related to the approach of winter as well as the easing of restrictions imposed as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to experts, another factor can be considered in this serious increase in cases in children: social isolation. Due to long-term social isolation, children did not have contact with pathogens common in childhood, as a result of which immunity was not actively developedAs would occur in a non-pandemic context.

The main symptoms presented are fever, lung inflammation and, in some cases, lung nodules, which may be indicative of scar tissue from past infections. But despite the large number of infections and the overload of China’s healthcare system, no deaths or cases have been reported in adults.

Is there a threat?

According to the WHO report, the data provided by Chinese health authorities is still insufficient to provide a complete picture of the situation. The World Health Organization’s recommendation is to maintain constant surveillance and take sanitary precautions such as wearing a mask and constantly washing hands..

The advice is to remain vigilant and take hygiene measures regarding the increase in cases.

Epidemic outbreak monitoring units will continue to monitor case reports and new bulletins with more information will be published soon.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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