British director Alfred Hitchcock he considered psychological horror films to be the hardest to make. Because they are based more on the atmosphere and how their characters react to the unseen than on a specific enemy. As he showed in his famous Psychosis, many of the great arguments of the cinema of this genre are built around the occult. The best goosebump-inducing films carefully conceal their mysteries.

To be sure, the opinion of the iconic director is a fundamental part of the modern understanding of horror films. Most of the most successful storylines in the cinematic world explore the human mind and emotions from their most perverse side. Besides, by the way, this fear is much more than an external threat. This allows the plots to create disturbing narratives that challenge the worst horrors by taking them to a new setting.

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We leave you with five recommendations of psychological horror movies that you can watch right now on Star+. Works that, instead of relying on fear or violence to create tension, appeal to his intellect. Of course, talking about the most perverted and terrible circumstances.

portraits from the afterlife

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Ben (Joshua Jackson) and his wife Jane (Rachael Taylor) move to Japan to start a new life together. Both hope that the shift in geographic landscapes will allow them to more easily explore their relationship. However, painful and constant tension overwhelms them. The young man has a secret. So twisted and dark that little by little it becomes dangerous.

He remake The 2004 American psychological horror film of the same name is not as scary as the original. However, director Masayuki Ochiai manages to carefully craft the story around what is hidden. When Ben’s camera starts filming what appears to be ghosts, he must not only question his sense of reality. Also, the way in which guilt and perverted mystery, even the supernatural, can manifest.

In his shocking ending, he shows his perspective on the unknown. However, his greatest interest is to demonstrate that evil is a shadow that never completely disappears. In fact, it can become a heavy burden on your shoulders. A nightmarish image that made the film from which it is taken and its North American version cult.

Prophecy (2006), a reimagining of the classic psychological horror film.

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This remake from a classic film like the one directed by Richard Donner in 1976, he had to find a new angle to explore his conflict. Although its plot is also based on the biblical prophecy of the coming of the Antichrist, it has a more human dimension. In fact, the script puts more emphasis on the psychological aspect of its characters than its predecessor. Especially in the sense that they have to accept it Damian (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) – something much more terrible than a child.

The plot of the feature film explores the events around the protagonist in terms of his psychological impact. Especially as it becomes clear that the little boy is the center of a conspiracy larger than the possible supernatural events he causes. Damien is destined to become the leader of the world fire. For this reason, the dark forces around you create the conditions for this, while also providing you with the tools that will make you a formidable enemy.

This psychological horror film, despite being less effective than the original, maintains a tight pace. Particularly when asking questions about the origin of evil and all the dark places that can be associated with human nature.


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It is an Indonesian psychological horror film directed by Joko Anwar released in 2019 that deals with the supernatural based on its psychic impact. Scenario follows Mayan (Tara Basro) and her sudden change in life. Suddenly, unexpectedly and inexplicably, the main character discovers that she inherited a house in a remote village outside the city. But when she and her friend Dini (Marissa Anita) arrive at the scene, where they discover a series of dark and dangerous secrets. What includes the curse that haunts the family Mayan for generations.

Beyond its paranormal overtones, the film highlights how such things can be understood. Especially since every inexplicable event seems to contradict someone’s view of reality. Mayan And Dini. Gradually, what could be interpreted as a set of superstitious beliefs becomes a real threat. Until it ends up spreading through every area of ​​both young women’s lives.

The director manages to use an approach of Indonesian culture and tradition to create a dark atmosphere. How Mayan By exploring its roots and the implications that supernatural condemnation will have on its future, the story finds its finest moments. This allows the plot to connect the almost sketchy psychological horror film with such universal themes as death, fear and superstition.

let me outone of the best psychological horror films of recent years

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This extraordinary film is more like a social satire than a horror movie. However, the genre codes it uses make it a successful experiment halfway between the two. This offbeat psychological horror film, written and directed by Jordan Peel, is a direct indictment of American racism and a twisted identity fantasy at the same time.

When a young African American Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) visits his white friend’s family home, Rose (Allison Williams), reveals a dark secret. But this will not happen immediately. First, you have to deal with the constant feeling of being in a hostile environment that pretends to be something it isn’t.

The controversial game is built on paranoia and the perception of the other as a potential enemy. It’s some kind of delusion Chris Or is something really going on? Over time, the character realizes that he may be in danger. But the threat has more to do with the nature of discrimination in the country than anything else. In its extraordinarily violent final scene, the director’s twisted metaphor of a divided society becomes even more violent and violent than ever. From which it becomes clear that, despite the terrifying elements, the real monsters in the plot are people.

Purge: Night of the Beasts

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The first film of the now saga was released in 2013, but its plot is still scary and relevant. This dystopian psychological horror film with sci-fi overtones is set in a chaotic near future in the United States. In the midst of an unprecedented crisis, the government announced an annual “purge” night. During which all crimes, including murders, are legal for 12 hours.

Through a family locked in their home on a fateful night, the plot tells the psychological roots of violence. Meanwhile, the protagonists must fight to survive while being chased by a group of masked criminals who are trying to break into their home. However, behind the bloody scenes, the message of institutionalized aggression is obvious. What might happen in the event of a social collapse of the coexistence pact supporting the country?

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The film does not provide direct answers. But his social critique and exploration of issues such as justice and human nature become more wrenching as the story progresses. Especially when it becomes clear that the murder is a massive act of vanity. No doubt a scary message.

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