In 1997, with a furore Simpson In the heat of the moment, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to create an animated series aimed at an adult audience. riskier than Beavis and Butt-head and crueler than Will giveargument South Park it was intended to poke fun at American culture.

In addition, to become the center of controversy and discussion about the limits of humor. But what began as a ridiculous discussion at the writers’ table soon became a phenomenon. One so important that it changed pop culture forever.

Nowadays, animated series for adults are a way to immerse yourself in current topics from an unusual angle. Like melancholic sadness BoJack Horseman or existentialist cruelty Rick and Morty. His view of seemingly innocent context is actually able to penetrate complex topics, which always attracts the audience. Particularly as new animated versions become more complex and symbolic.

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We leave you with five recommendations of adult animated series that you can watch right now in the Star+ catalog. A strange intergalactic family, a glimpse into the future from anxiety, or a new perspective on the supernatural. The selection covers everything that animation has to offer, made for a more mature audience.


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Comprising 12 seasons and 366 episodes, this adult series is an intriguing and often frightening journey through the perception of death and mystery. Tite Kubo’s work explores extraordinary life Ichigo Kurosaki, a young high school student with the ability to see spirits. The approach to the supernatural element of the story is very close to Japanese mythology. Also to the perception of the transience of existence and philosophical themes that cover the search for the meaning of identity and spiritual beliefs.

The anime talks about how the protagonist’s life changes completely when he meets shinigami – god of death – call Rukia Kuchiki. A traditional element of Asian mythology that grants him powers similar to his own so that he can protect those around him from evil spirits known as hollows.

How ichigo Delving into the world of the paranormal, he discovers that there is more at stake than just protecting those he loves. The story unfolds through a series of story arcs, each with its own plot and villains. But it concentrates on the struggle of its protagonist and his allies to protect the human world. Which gives the plot of this anime series for adults a peculiar perception of good and evil. Also, the constant evolution of such concepts as friendship, loyalty and self-sacrifice.

Hit the monkeyadult marvel manga

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Consisting of one season and ten chapters, this idiosyncratic version of revenge and justice showed an unusual side of publisher Marvel. The adult animated series is based on a character created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajik and explores the story of a white Japanese monkey who becomes a hitman.

The plot has all the elements of the usual cinematic epic about revenge. His story begins when an American assassin, bris (Jason Sudeikis) comes to Japan for work. But when he is betrayed and killed, his spirit becomes trapped in the body of an ape, turning him into a human with supernatural powers. Together in one body bris and the monkey will be known as an inexplicable creature named Hit the monkey. In an unusual team, both will seek perverse justice, which the plot explores from the darkest places.

This adult cartoon combines elements of action, comedy and drama in an unpredictable and at times dark story. In addition to Jason Sudeikis, the voice actors include George Takei, Olivia Munn, and Ally Mackie. An unsettling journey through strange and sinister places of hate and kindness.

solar opposites

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This four-season, 29-episode adult series from Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan explores uncomfortable topics like discrimination, rejection, and exile. The most amazing thing is that he succeeds gracefully through a glass of irreverent humor that darkens bit by bit.

The plot tells about an alien family that crash-lands on Earth and is forced to live in the suburbs of the United States, repairing their spaceship. Various conflicts between its members will confront them with beliefs, discussions, intrusions into different worlds, and even with the pain of ancient trauma. A group consisting of Corvo (Justin Roiland) Terry (Thomas Middleditch) yumyulak (Sean Giambrone) and Jessie (Mary Mac) must fight to survive. Not only to experience on a new planet, but also to mutual coexistence.

The adult animation, with its tongue-in-cheek humor and constant references to popular culture, is a veiled homage sitcom traditional. But also a very rare variant of the search for purpose and purpose. Although the script leans towards comedy, it touches on serious issues such as the individual, family, and society. Which ultimately creates an unprecedented combination that sometimes even becomes deeply touching.

bless hearts

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The adult series, written by Emily Spivey, looks at everyday life through many nuances. In particular, the disappointment and hopelessness of adulthood. The plot follows the life of a working-class family from the south of the United States, which is struggling to make ends meet. Meanwhile, in the midst of all sorts of efforts, they try to follow their dreams and stay together.

The most intriguing thing about the script is how it infiltrates a mature and sometimes idealistic optimism. Despite the fact that the heavy moments are also shown from a sarcastic point of view. Jenny Hart (Kristen Wiig) is a single mother who works in a restaurant and dreams of winning the lottery to improve her family’s life. His daughter violet (Jillian Bell) and her boyfriend Wayne Edwards (Hayk Baringolts) are part of the smaller daily battles. But the argument avoids sentimentality and develops a notion of practical utility based on the ability to understand the small miracles of life.

Despite the focus on life Hart, the production also reflects community, loyalty, and humor as a form of language. With lovable characters, witty dialogue, and an amazing cast, its story pays homage to classic comedy.

american dadfunny series for adults

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For 353 episodes, the production by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman satirized every element of American culture. Thanks to smith familythis sometimes sinister satirical adult series takes a violent and humorous look at the modern lifestyle.

The action takes place in a fictional city Langley Fallstells how Stan Smith, an ultra-patriotic and conservative CIA agent, struggles with an evolving society. At the very least, this is the argument he uses to delve into modern cultural tensions and their different points of view.

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Known for her absurd and politically incorrect humor, she touches on topics ranging from power relations or popular culture to family life. But he is very interested in deepening the understanding of the limits of humor. At times scandalous and almost always curiously poignant, the adult series has become an atypical forum for discussing contemporary ideas.

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