First trailer for the fourth season sex educationone of the most important series in the catalog Netflix. This part will be the last in the work. With characters full of nuance and criss-crossed with numerous fears and personal curiosities, this story quickly positioned itself in the imagination of many of the service’s subscribers. streaming.

First chapters sex educationdefined as a dramatic comedy, which premiered on January 11, 2019. This show was created Lori Nunn and includes the following actors in the lead roles: Gillian Anderson, ECA Mariposa, Emma McKee, Nkuti Gatwa, Connor Swindells And Kedar Williams-Stirling.

Through them, it was possible to recreate various fears, searches, conflicts and desires about sex. The series can be understood as a visual essay about this type of relationship and the many connections people can make. Although his approach has a youth perspective, the development of the plot does not exclude adults. That is why this series is watched by different viewers.

Trailer for the fourth and final season sex education

First look at the final season sex education they are back on netflix Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) starring. Again, the clumsy boy who seems insecure becomes a sort of conduit for his peers, who have a plethora of questions about sex and how to build new bonds.

It should be remembered that Otis Milburn, although the same age as his friends and acquaintances, learned much more about sex than they did, because his mother is a sex therapist. This figure is interpreted by Gillian Anderson, personifying Dr. Jean F. Milburn. She is a separated woman and in turn faces the challenges of having to raise a teenager on her own.

Final season preview sex education you can see how Otis is already publicly taking on the job of youth sex therapist. However, he still hasn’t finished removing his communication limitations and some of his insecurities. The result of this series could be in the same vein, with the main figure completely transforming as well as maintaining a healthy relationship.

sex education addresses the importance of issues such as consent, sexual diversity, gender identity, self-esteem and bullying. Through its characters, the series explores these themes with humor, drama, and some roughness that adds to the believability of the story.

All three seasons of the Netflix series have been well received by critics. Due to the way the above issues are dealt with, it is usually for sex education can be called an entertaining production and at the same time an educational offer. With the release of the trailer for the fourth season The date of its premiere, September 21 next year, has also been confirmed..

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