Since the beginning of film history, monsters have been a common sight in the horror and science fiction genres. In fact, a 1930s Universal studio classic like Dracula, Frankenstein And werewolf, have become recurring elements of the film. Later, the most difficult of them, such as xenomorph a series stranger (available on Disney+), have become symbols of admiration and fear. Which represented a whole evolution in the understanding of the formidable creatures that inhabited the seventh art.

This is not something random. Terrifying creatures on the big screen are often allegories of the unknown, death, loss of control, change and transformation. With their help, filmmakers can explore complex topics and give viewers the opportunity to face their horrors in a safe and controlled manner. So it’s not surprising that from the entities that were considered evil, gradually some of the most famous also became symbols of something else.

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A point at which cartoons, children’s TV series and, for the past two decades, experimental cinema have been of particular importance. From nightmarish images, they became friendly creatures. But more than that, in the embodiments of eradication, loneliness and fear of difference. Which allowed a new generation of wacky and funny creatures to become an integral part of popular culture.

We leave you with five productions about scary creatures that are actually adorable, which you can see right now on Disney+. From one-eyed creatures who only want to make children laugh, to aliens who are interested in our world. The compilation includes some of the most touching storylines, from which it becomes clear that ferocious monsters are a thing of the past.

monsters at work


The animated series created by Bobs Gannaway is one of the best examples of the gentle side of the scary. Sequel to the 2001 film. sa monsters, follow Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sally (John Goodman) after his victory over mr diver.

In fact, the story begins the day after the feat. South Africa monsters You have just changed the source of energy from frightened children’s screams to happy laughter. Thus, the structure on which it is based is also reorganized. case that affects Tylor Tuskmond (Ben Feldmann).

He hoped to become scary enough to join the company. Discouraged, he ends up joining the MIFT (Monsters, Inc. facility maintenance team), the group in charge of facility maintenance. Which will lead to all kinds of mistakes and, in the end, to the fact that the new team member will discover his true calling. A real adventure that shows that even the most formidable creatures – and purple – have a huge and kind heart.

Gravity is falling


Originally broadcast between 2012 and 2016, Alex Hirsch’s anime follows the adventures of twin brothers. ladle And Mabel PineWith. In particular, his unique visit to the mysterious city Gravity is falling (Oregon) where his great-grandfather lives Uncle Stan.

With its mixture of mysticism, comedy and science fiction, the plot reinvents the monster figure until it becomes symbolic. Children encounter a large number of dangerous creatures that seem to be hiding in a unique town. At the same time, they struggle to unravel the mysteries of the region, always surprising and making it clear that nothing is what it seems in this place. At the same time, they also have to deal with eccentricities unclewho owns a shop for strange items and seems to be involved in some unexplained happenings in the city.

There are many references to pop culture and mythology throughout the series, but terrifying characters are especially wittily used. Of the terrifying creatures, they can also be an open door to the knowledge and perception of good and evil. One of the main attributes of an argument.



Although it originally aired between 1991 and 1994, the production has received a unique resurgence through social platforms. Created by Michael Jacobs and the Jim Henson studio, it was a curious take on the typical American sitcom. Only this time the main characters are dinosaurs, with amazing anthropomorphic appearance.

Family Sinclair, who lived in a society similar to the society of people in prehistoric times, aroused sympathy. Compiled by parents graph And frantogether with your children Robbie, Charlene and BabyThey treated everyday life with good humor. But especially with the primitive and the only planet, which gave a very rare context for the story. In fact, the script was played up with a parody of popular culture, touching on serious social and political problems.

The combination made her a beloved and mainstream phenomenon, but much more than that, her traumatic ending showing the extinction of the dinosaurs, including the Sinclairs. Over the years, it has been regarded as one of the most innovative and captivating storylines on television in the 1990s. Also, one that used the usual terrifying dinosaur figure in a completely unexpected way. Its highest point.



Anime created by Greg Weisman continues to be an important part of the genre. The series originally aired from 1994 to 1997 but still maintains significant popularity. The plot follows gargoyles, mythical creatures that turn to stone during the day and come to life at night. Everything to protect your home and those around you.

The narrative tells of a clan of creatures led by a powerful Goliath. The group lives in a castle outside New York. After betraying the people they have protected for centuries, the group is awakening in the present day. Thus, they must fight to adapt while protecting the city from various threats. But at the same time, understanding its place and significance in a new look at magic and power.

The script, complex and at times sinister, touches on themes of betrayal, racism and revenge in a child-friendly way. However, its biggest attraction is its well-planned path to redemption. All through fearsome-looking creatures, but with big hearts.

Monsters University: Central Party

disney+, pixar

Although not a TV series, the short animated film produced by Pixar focuses on adorable monsters. Directed by Kelsey Mann, it was released in 2014 and expands on the events of the film. Monsters university.

The plot shows how Mike And Sally, while still very young, try to save a noisy party that is running out of guests. To achieve this, they come up with a brilliant idea, albeit an extremely dangerous one. Use the magic portal to take the party to the guild house uzma kappj. The latest, the best-humoured monsters of all collegiate fraternities in the Pixar universe within Disney+.

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The short film is a hilarious comedy that offers a fresh take on the characters from the beloved Disney+ franchise. But he also goes deep into the idea of ​​difference, non-discrimination and acceptance of the other.

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