It has often been said that art imitates nature. However, in many cases this logic is reversed. Recent statements James Cameron, famous director titanic And Terminatorabout the rise of artificial intelligence are perfect proof of this.

“I warned them in 1984 and they didn’t listen to me”he said in statements STV News. Reference, of course, to the premiere Terminatorthe first part of the saga, which tells about the uprising of machines against people.

“I think the militarization of AI is the biggest danger.”continued Cameron, who, by the way, is working on a new film about Terminator. “We will enter the AI ​​equivalent of a nuclear arms race, and if we don’t create it ourselves, other guys will surely create it, and then it will escalate,” he added.

James Cameron’s warning demonstrates one of the risks associated with AI

An observation that leads to the present famous film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger shows the backstory of the inevitable mention. Thanks to ChatGPT and Google Bard by OpenAI, artificial intelligence systems are steadily advancing..

OpenAI’s ChatGPT: Reverse of James Cameron’s Terminator?

These tools offer useful enchantments. They write coherent texts, answer user questions, have casual conversations, and solve math problems. They have even learned how to program software and are encouraged to do creative tasks that, until recently, were only available to humans.

Parallel to both benefits of AI systemsthere are a number of associated risks. One of them points to the following dilemma: how much is it beneficial for machines to gain autonomy if this independence is more important than human decisions? In other words, the complexity of the technology in this case can play with us against.

James Cameron released The Terminator in 1984.
James Cameron released The Terminator in 1984.

James Cameron also expressed his opinion about the possible displacement of man by automated systems. “Personally, I don’t think the disembodied mind spews out what other embodied minds have said (…) I don’t think there is anything in it that will touch the audience,” he said, and finally finished: “Let’s wait 20 years, and if AI wins the Best Screenplay Oscar, then we’ll have to take it seriously.“.

Tech leaders also warn of the dangers of AI

James Cameron’s opinions are astounding, especially since this 68-year-old man came up with one of the greatest works of fiction involving cyborgs. However, they are not entirely new.

Numerous industry professionals, businessmen and technology sector leaders raised their voices warn about the risks associated with promoting AI. One of the loudest warnings came in March, when a group of experts (including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak) published an open letter calling for rules.

“In recent months, we have seen AI labs embark on a relentless race to develop and implement digital brains. They are becoming more and more powerful, so much so that even their creators cannot reliably understand, predict or control,” they wrote. Based on this, they requested a six-month pause in development to establish ethical standards. They called these technologies “out of control.”

Another statement confirms that Not all “rose colors” in AI. Sam Altman himself, CEO of OpenAI, the company that developed the famous ChatGPT, also talked about the risks. “My biggest fear is to cause massive damage to the world.”

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