From the triad of key characters on which Marvel Cinematic Universe, only the God of Thunder remained. Although the legacy Hombre de Hierrointerpreted Robert Downey Jr., prevails, as in steve rogerin the skin Chris Evanson the screen to see Chris Hemsworth starring Thor: Love and Thunder.

While it was initially joked that he was the only one to have a fourth film, there are reasons to wonder if this should be his last appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It should be noted that his continuity within history has not yet been officially determined and that, if we talk about Thor: Love and Thunderthere are more rumors about the future of the actor than certainties.

At this moment after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessmay be Thor: Love and Thunder be the most important film in the Phase 4 code. Because of its connections with various movies, the introduction of Gorr, the Butcher God, a massive villain, and the introduction of Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor. Much of that weight also rests on Chris Hemsworth’s back.

Thor: Origins in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The review of the first Thor film is approaching a difficult juncture in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. The scripted implementation was not convincing. This includes a performance by Chris Hemsworth. You can’t say it was good or bad, but something worse: inconsequential.

Thor, dark world don’t get too much out of this roadmap. To the point of being able to go through the same thing as Chris Hemsworth’s performance. However, it did set the stage for what would later be seen in other areas as well: the character was beginning to take a personal path that led to this line where he is now. Meanwhile, his occasional cameos or conspicuous meddling in Saga avengers.

Over the years, Thor has gone from being a soft-spoken character, no more appealing than his occasional meddling in action scenes, to becoming the key to the Avengers’ conflicts and, in doing so, mending his own personal path. The character, played by Chris Hemsworth, began to face various problems. From his role in the family to the eradication and destruction of his own planet. Later, his depression will be added to this due to the fact that he saw his brother die and could not stop. Thanos.

In this last section, his story is linked in Thor: Ragnarok Along with the events of Avengers: Infinity War D Avengers: Endgame. He then becomes a character who goes through various crises, and through the stories that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he encounters them and transforms until he becomes Thor: Love and Thunder. What’s left of the character? Find inner peace in the best style Kung Fu Panda.

Thor: Love and Thunder,
character’s last move?

Link to Kung Fan Panda resonates with this Marvel Cinematic Universe story because part of the aesthetic that was seen in the trailer Thor: Love and Thunder. Some of the images may evoke moments when Master Oogway talking to Po Master Shifu Or rest in a tree. It can be interpreted that the character, despite the jokes, is no longer in a stage of immaturity, but is seeking some wisdom that he does not currently have.

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According to these lines, Gorr the Butcher God appears. Because it matters? Thor is experiencing a truce. So the villain played Christian Bale appears as a threat that shakes part of his past and threatens his present. This explains the impact of Falligar Begemont’s death and how it allows him to recognize the size of the villain he is facing.

Cap The Butcher God has all the power it takes to defeat the Thunder God. It is suspected that this confrontation between the two may have had the appearance of Jane Foster, accused of being the Goddess of Thunder. However, the outcome of the fight is still unclear. In terms of storytelling, what can be done with Thor’s story? Whatever the author says, yes. But, if the character is being considered within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it might be convenient if his story didn’t end with this film.

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Like Doctor Strange, Thor can be used to connect phases. A figure close to different generations. It’s too early to judge if a fifth film is needed; it could only be done after the fourth. But it may be that his presence, as this rising figure among the rest of the superheroes, may be necessary to integrate everything when it is told.

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