Adaptation one piece from Netflix is ​​a tribute to Eiichiro Oda’s original manga, so he’s trying to adapt it as closely as possible. However, it does change some of its most popular parts, to make the story clearer. The work, spanning over 24 years of broadcast and consisting of 1074 chapters, spans dozens of sagas and storylines. So a team of writers led by Tom Hyndman had to decide which of the hundreds of available adventures would make it into the series. Including origin story Luffy (Inyaki Godi) and his fearless group of pirates.

This brought about major and minor changes in the way the material available was organized. And all this so that both the most devoted fans and a new audience can enjoy it. Thus, in general terms, he talks about a lost magical treasure that will make whoever discovers its location the king of the pirates. What causes great a group of corsairs of any origin jump into the sea in search of.

Now, although it is essentially the same as the anime, the adaptation one piece on Netflix, the information is organized differently. In comparison, the changes help make storytelling on the small screen faster and more fluid. But, nevertheless, there are a large number of details that inappropriately introduce the characters or divert the main events to unexpected moments.

Saga East Blue one piece

First episode one piece It consists of six arcs, four of which are included in the Netflix adaptation. Each of this group of episodes includes different independent events that gradually connect with each other. By the end of the first part of the story, most of the main characters are already introduced or fully introduced into the story. The same is true in the platform series, although it synthesizes most of the plot.

In general, the first two episodes are not too different from the first part of the series. East Blue Saga. In particular, death is shown here. Goal by D. Roger (Michael Dorman) and the beginning of a pirate treasure hunt. one piece. But once Luffy arrives Shells Town and meets Zoro (Arata Makenew) Helmeppo (Aidan Scott) and Captain Morgan (Langley Kirkwood), the narrative undergoes changes.

One of the most striking is that a group of criminals known as Baroque Wakusu, appears in fiction almost immediately. In the manga, over 100 episodes are required to appear. Also, there are small decisions related to how to find luffand when Zoro faces Helmeppo and captured by evil Morgan. In fact, it was from the latter that the card was taken away Grand Lineinstead of Clown Buggy (Jeff Ward). In addition, Vice Admiral Garp (Vincent Regan), who needs more than two storylines to become part of the story, appears in the first chapter one piece.

orange city

Another option that might surprise manga fans is what surrounds the Straw Hats when they arrive in orange city. Once there, they discover that buggy He captured the city and enslaved its inhabitants.

In the anime, all this happens in five episodes. And that means action in a Netflix series gets a lot easier. Because of this, it was removed. Mojithe right hand of an evil clown and a local dog, Shusha. At the same time, all the actions took place inside the tent and that various henchmen pirate clownwere included in cameo roles or directly ignored by the main plot.

one piece

How the Straw Hats Have Fun

The biggest transformations in history one piece, they happen right in the two episodes that make up the crux of this part of the story. So, how do the Straw Hats manage to get Going to get marriedhis first ship is significantly different from how it is described in the manga.

Let’s start with the fact that the disease Lady Kaya (Celeste Lutz) changes origin. In the manga, he weakens after crying inconsolably over the death of his parents. In the Netflix adaptation, she is poisoned by her butler. Clajador/Kuro (Alexander Maniatis). This is the leader of the Black Cat Pirates, whose group is completely eliminated, with the exception of two members. The baptism of the first ship of the crew also becomes an argument Luffy. The reason is that the character funny he dies, and the future home of the young hero’s group is baptized in his memory.

But the most dramatic change (and to some extent influencing its impact) is the discovery that Vice Admiral Garp grandfather Luffy. In the manga and anime, the data is discovered much later and is of no small importance. in series Netflix This occurs at the end of the fourth episode and without further complications.

Changes in Baratie

The moment when Luffy and his team meet Sanji (Taz Skylar), their new chef might surprise anime fans. On one side is the famous sea restaurant. cheapness comes to adaptation one piece with the same appearance as in the manga. In other words, a huge building in the middle of the sea, with rooms and a whole pier for clients. But, on the other hand, what happens inside is very different from the original.

In the fifth chapter one piece on netflix, Luffy ultimately stored in cheapness, after eating and without canceling your bills. On the contrary, in the original material, he pays for the damage caused to the restaurant when he comes on board the ship. Going to get married for the first time. A curious moment – especially since this is one of his most important performances – the character Don Krieg (Milton Schorr) out. From which it follows that there are no traces of the battle of the crew. Luffy against him or his comrades.

Instead, he first appears Fishman Arlong (McKinley Belcher III) who arrives in search of a map in the possession of the Straw Hats. Another well-known figure included in the adaptation is Dracula Mihawk (Stephen Ward) sent out to find Luffy. Which contradicts the anime version, in which a dangerous pirate arrived at a seaside restaurant, trying to find Don Krieg.

one piece

Arlong Park

In the seventh and eighth chapters one piecefinal adaptation arc, talks about the team’s attempts Luffy for salvation Us (Emily Rudd). As explained in the sixth series, the girl, having the gift of navigation, betrayed the crew of the ship. Going to get married. But in fact, this is a bonded contract that the character maintains with Arlong.

The script then decides to soon explain the reason why the race Fishman, to which the latter belongs, hates the person. At the same time, delve into the appalling conditions they lived under at the hands of their exploiters. A point that is only revealed much later in the anime.

Finally, confrontation between Garp And Luffytake place in adaptation, much earlier than in the original material. Which might be disappointing given the possible second season and exploration of the story’s protagonist’s past.

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