After many months or even years of waiting, fans one piece they already have a long awaited remake live action. Netflix released the first season of the game adaptation of the acclaimed franchise. Manga, which is already 26 years old., who soon made the jump to anime with one of the most successful television series in living memory, and who is now trying his luck with a new format. It also attracted a new audience eager to learn about adventure. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

The young protagonist has a great dream – to become the new king of the pirates. To do this, you must find One Piece, the treasure of the previous pirate who held that title. GoldRoger. This one was done over 20 years before the start of the Netflix series. But before he died in the square, he announced that he had hidden all his booty. next to the mysterious One Piece. Whoever finds him will become his heir to the throne. Thus began the great era of pirates. But what should One Piece be like?

series Netflix adapts the first 100 issues of the manga, which covers the entire saga East Blue. It has a treasure GoldRoger repeatedly mentioned by both Luffy as for the other characters. But in the eight episodes of the new project, it has never been revealed what is contained in one piece. So far, no one has found him, and the heroes of the series want to be the first to do it. But the truth is that the mystery goes way beyond this first season.

The manga has already published 1090 chapters. The anime, in turn, aired 1073 episodes as well as several films. For all this time, it has not been revealed that one piece. Yes, they talked about life in more detail. GoldRoger and even about the treasure and its location. However, fans still have no idea what it is. Luffy Are you really looking.

Theories about One Piece

How one piece This is one of the most successful sagas of all time, it has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the planet. And in the 26 years of the manga’s existence, these readers have had time to come up with many theories about the true nature of the treasure. There is one that has been the most widespread for a long time.

This implied that One Piece wasn’t real. It was an imaginary object GoldRoger it was invented to encourage pirates to fulfill a dream, the main central theme of the series. Then One Piece will be friendship and knowledge acquired on the trip.

This is a very poetic and beautiful theory. But the creator one piece, Eiichiro OdaAt the time, he gave it up. A Japanese artist has confirmed that the treasure really exists. He is actually on an island. Laughter Talelast of Grand Line and to which no one has yet been able to reach after GoldRoger. In addition, it may have previously been hidden by a mysterious character known as joy boy. However, apart from these data, little is known about production. Luffy and the company will have to keep looking for it.

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