After years of waiting, the fans Pirates of the Caribbean They already have a reason to be excited. The famous Disney saga is getting closer to its return. And what’s more, he will do it hand in hand with Craig Mazincreator Last of us. For some time now, the company has been exploring different ways to relaunch one of the most successful franchises of the last 20 years. It is possible that they have finally found the key to this.

In an interview given Los Angeles Times, Mazin confirmed that it had decided to submit a proposal for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 to Disney. It was the script he wrote Ted Elliott, responsible for the scripts of the first four parts of the saga. “We gave it to them and thought that they would not be able to buy it, it was too rare. But they did it!”, – says the creative.

The studio has started developing the film. But soon everything went wrong. “He wrote a fantastic script, but then the strike started and now everyone is waiting,” he adds. Mazin. It was about the conflict that is now devastating Hollywood that he wanted to clarify his position. “Theoretically, my life has not changed much. The strike is more directed at the rank and file of the union, the 95% of the union that cannot survive under the current structure of the system,” he says.

“I just hope companies put a stop to this soon. In general, I think the writers and actors are quite resigned to this decision, because we are right and they are wrong. And I think they know it, and it’s hard for them to accept it. But they will, and it will all be over. We’re waiting for them to come out of their madness.” – Sentence Mazinwas very critical of studios and their refusal to negotiate fair deals with artists.

Will Johnny Depp return? Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

For now, Mazin He didn’t want to give too many details about his project. Pirates of the Caribbean 6. The screenwriter only assumed that the story was “weird”, but did not delve into why. One of the big doubts is whether the great flagship of the saga, Captain Jack Sparrow from Johnny Depp. Because controversy over his tumultuous relationship with Amber HeardThe ex-wife of the actor stayed away from any major productions.

But despite the legal battle and allegations of abuse, Disney did not close the door on the translator, although he assured that he would not return. Production President Film production at Walt Disney Studios, Sean Baileyconfirmed a few months ago New York Times that so far they can’t do anything, although he doesn’t rule out any scenario. And the fact is that, as reported, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 It won’t be independent from previous films that starred Jack Sparrow.

In 2020, it was announced that Disney gave the green light to restart Pirates of the Caribbean which will be filmed Margot Robbie. However, the project failed to move forward and was eventually cancelled. with new movie Craig MazinIt is possible that mouse house intends to revive the main story of the franchise, which has not been shown in theaters since 2017. As soon as the writers’ and actors’ strike is over, the film can be released.

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