The excellent electronic books that exist today, Amazon Kindle. Their extensive options and excellent autonomy make them a great travel companion for pre-readers who always want to have plenty of reading options. One of the things that can be complicated is, add new titles. Well, we’re going to show you how to do this simply and without using any wires to achieve this.

Among those currently available, in our opinion, the best is to use it. post adress it is created by default when you activate the Kindle you have. This is a great eBook copying gateway that works perfectly and is not complicated at all, although it is not known to many users. By the way, to send you need to use any client – for example gmail– because there is no disharmony.

How to Email Books to Kindles

We’ll show you the steps you need to take to achieve this – be careful, this possibility isn’t available on very old Kindle models – and as you’ll soon see, the initial configuration can be the most tedious. However, once everything is perfectly organized, the shipment of new books is something that only gets completed in a short time. second question. These are as follows:

Know your e-mail address

  • Open the Manage content and devices section on the Amazon website
  • Now go to Settings and then access the section named Configuring personal documents. You will see many options available, but what is used is the Email configuration that allows you to send the ebook. The truth is you will see (change) the address you assigned and then you have to type it to use it.
  • You have already completed this stage of the process.
Image on Kindle screen


Sending books to Amazon eReader

The next thing is to use the client you use regularly and send an email with the book. attached (It is recommended that the eBook have a format compatible with Kindle, so these are as follows: KFX; PDF; PRC; MOBI; AZW; AZW3; txt; DOC; DOCX). Wait a few minutes for the sending to complete and the same for the receiving. The truth is, you’ll soon discover that you have the electronic book on your Kindle.

As you see, simplicity is the dominant note, and that’s one more pro point to seriously consider buying an Amazon Kindle if you’ve decided to step up to use an e-book.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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