About the film premiere They’re knocking on the door– director M. Night Shyamalan commented in an interview. this terror is non-flammable. Precisely because fears, traumas and collective obsessions are always the same, even if they change their face and environment. So doomed places, unexplained ghosts and ominous bloody monsters will always terrify. Especially when it comes to remakes and reboots of classic stories, show that the language of fear remains very similar from decade to decade.. Star+ has collected some of the best works of modern cinema.

In fact, some of the genre’s new classics examine how great horror stories remain tied to a collective notion of the unknown. From terrifying scientific experiments with disconcerting consequences to supernatural phenomena. The answer to the question of what scares us and why this happens is This is one of the most common premises of modern cinema..

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This does not go unnoticed by major streaming platforms, who usually include several modern classics in their catalogues. We recommend five that you can watch right now on Star+. From two remakes of two stories known for exploring human darkness to a cult classic. This is a journey through several stories over the past thirty years. Ideal for lovers of a genre that never ceases to be fashionable.

Two sisters

horror movies, star+

The 2003 South Korean film has become one of the most influential in the Asian horror genre over the decades. Not only for its approach to how grotesque and twisted the human mind can be, but also for its interesting way of telling a complex story.

Sisters Su-mi (Im Soo Jung) and Soo Young (Moon Geun Young) are so close that their relationship borders on codependency. In fact, both experienced a traumatic event that landed them in a mental hospital. Apparently having recovered, they return home. However, his return is marked by a series of strange events. Everything is connected to his stepmother (Yum Jung-ah). As the story progresses, secrets and half-truths are revealed that impact the lives of the young women.

Thrilling and twisted, the film starts to get confusing when… Su-mi And Soo Young, try to solve the mystery that unites them. This shows that the mysterious event that marked the lives of both is more sinister than one might suspect. Between trauma, guilt and violence, the film reveals its secrets in a painful ending. which confused the audience at the premiere.

The Empty Man: Messenger of the Last Day

horror movies, star+

Graphic novel Empty man Directed by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey, it tells one of the genre’s most chilling stories. Its 2020 adaptation, directed by David Pryor, captures the essence of the terrifying atmosphere of this vision. haunting folk horror.

As in the original, the plot is based on an unexplained creature. This is from the point of view of a former police officer James Lasombra (James Badge Dale), who almost accidentally becomes involved in a dark investigation. Little by little, what begins with the disappearance of a group of teenagers ends in what appears to be the fallout of an apocalyptic cult. At least one who is capable of summoning the supernatural entity known as Empty man. As James gets deeper into the matter, encounters increasingly violent paranormal phenomena.

Between paranoia, the influence of beliefs and the nature of fear, the film explores the genre from a mystical perspective. For James, discovering the mystery behind the followers of esoteric dogma will motivate him to delve deeper into his life. For fans Empty man, this will confirm your beliefs. Between both things, the story shows the inexplicable from a cruel point of view. In conditions of religious fanaticism, nothing is what it seems.


horror movies, star+

Director David Cronenberg is known for his ability to create monsters. Which is demonstrated in this remake of the 1958 film of the same name, directed by Kurt Neumann. A combination of body horror and scientific paranoiaThe film is one of the most memorable classic human horror films of the 20th century.

Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) – A scientist obsessed with teleportation who works in the area until he creates a prototype. During an unsuccessful attempt to test his achievements on himself, a housefly enters the hut. So his DNA merges with Seth’s. Over time, the latter experiences physical and psychological changes. becomes increasingly grotesque, becoming half-man and half-insect.

The director shows the gradual transformation Set into a monstrous creature. What, having as the only witness Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), a journalist with whom he becomes romantically involved. A masterpiece of horror based on the devastation of the body, the film explores physical degradation, identity and human nature. A few of the director’s favorite obsessions.

Sixth Sense

horror movies, star+

M. Night Shyamalan’s first big hit film featured an eight-year-old boy as the main character. Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), is able to see and communicate with the spirits of dead people. This makes him a victim of a situation that he cannot explain to his distraught mother (Toni Colette). So, doctor Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), an expert in child psychology, will try to get to the bottom of this case. Gradually he becomes a mentor Coleas he tries to learn to control and explain the boy’s supernatural experiences.

However, one of the most complex and developed aspects of the film is the subtext plot. Crow. Separated from his wife after a traumatic event, he tries to find redemption by helping Cole, whom he believes is a patient who could help him overcome his pain. What he doesn’t suspect is that the connection with the child, will allow you to understand the nature of your existential suffering and what hides your past.

With a surprising final twist that moved audiences, the film became a commercial and critical success, grossing over $670 million worldwide. She was nominated for six Academy Awards. including Best Picture, a rarity in the genre.

What the truth hides

horror movies, star+

In 2000, Robert Zemeckis decided to enter the horror genre. What the Truth Hides became not only an ideal opportunity to demonstrate his talent in a new genre for his filmography. And also analyze its possibilities for telling a story with several interpretations at the same time.

Claire Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) begins experiencing paranormal activity after her daughter leaves for college. At first, everything seems to be related to the so-called empty nest syndrome due to the absence of a daughter. But while you’re exploring, Clare learns disturbing secrets about her husband, Norman (Harrison Ford). In particular, with a missing woman connected to his past.

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Although the film strays from the horror genre at times, it manages to combine suspense and the supernatural in an increasingly complex story. With a painful ending, the film reaches its climax by demonstrating that all of its characters were hiding part of the truth. And also, having built a single scenario, combine all its plot threads.

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