Cinematic universe COLUMBIA REGION. – known as the Expanded Universe – has, in general terms, been a resounding failure since its inception. Today, under the leadership of James Gunn, DC Films seems to be pursuing a realistic and well-structured strategy that will allow them to succeed in the long run. But ten years ago, the production company was in complete chaos. Mainly for crazy orders from Warner Bros. management..

In an interview with Josh Horowitz, David S. Goyer, screenwriter of such films as Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceconfirmed what was already an open secret: There was undue pressure on Warner to create a DC cinematic universe. which could compete with Marvel. However, at that time, only the first Superman film starring Henry Cavill had been released.

The above forced DC to instead focus on creating separate productions of Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and The Flash (Ezra Miller), They will rush with the first crossover: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. One that, by the way, went completely wrong. From this point on, the future of the DC Cinematic Universe was called into question.

David S. Goyer mentions that if it were up to him, the first thing he would do would be a sequel Man of Steel. However, Warner Bros. they had a completely different vision for DC. Apparently, after seeing the impressive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the time, they wanted a piece of the pie too.

“We were under pressure from Warner Bros. They said, “We need our own Marvel Cinematic Universe! We need the MCU! And I told them, “Let’s not run without going through first.” Another situation that was difficult at the time was that between Warner Bros. executives. and DC there was a revolving door. Every 18 months someone new would come. We suffered a whiplash injury in the cervical spine. Every new person said, ‘We’re going to be something big!'”

David S. Goyer.

Warner destroyed the DC Cinematic Universe

Goyer even remembers how one of Warner’s top executives proposed releasing 20 films over the next 10 years. The problem is that none of them had a script. “It was incredible to see how much was built in the air. That’s not how a house is built.”– the writer adds.

Goyer’s statements demonstrate beyond any doubt that Before James Gunn arrived, Washington was in complete disarray.. Despite the risks of creating a cinematic universe without a strong narrative foundation, Zack Snyder took responsibility for creating Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice And Justice League. Both were in debt in many ways. In fact, the second film was directed and edited by a different director.

It’s hard to imagine the DC Cinematic Universe falling further than it has in recent years. Moreover, James Gunn had the freedom to propose an appropriate strategy without pressure from Warner. However, the first results of his vision will not appear until the middle 2025when is the premiere Superman: Legacy.

Source: Hiper Textual

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