After a long wait, Rick and Morty finally presented the trailer for the seventh season. This was a particularly relevant moment for the future of the series. And 10 years later Justin Roiland as the voice of both characters, it was abandoned for the first time. Many fans were somewhat skeptical about the outcome of the changes. One of the best characteristics of the main characters is their way of speaking. But the study dispelled all doubts.

In a fragment lasting one and a half minutes: Rick and Morty They are looking forward to the crazy adventures that they will experience in the seventh season. But above all, they make it clear that the notes of humor and hooliganism will remain the same, despite the dismissal Roiland. The best example is the voices of a grandfather and grandson. It is unknown who or who was hired for the job. But the replica was flawless.

If you don’t pay too much attention, Rick and Morty’s voices sound exactly the same, as if Roiland follow them. IN Adult swimming They are well aware of the great work done by their new mysterious voice actors. So the first few seconds show a couple of interactions between the two characters. A true statement of intent to make it clear that fans can be confident. An eccentric scientist and a naive teenager are in good hands.

Once the matter is resolved, the trailer will also introduce many of the characters already known to fans of the series. Ray guns, holograms, misadventures in the outback, violence and a lot of dark humor. The seventh season of the series Rick and Morty promises not to lower the bar, although the latter did not convince as much as the former. To find out whether the series has even survived, you will have to wait quite a bit. The trailer also reveals the release date. In Spain, the new season will premiere in HBO Max October 16.

Why voices Rick and Morty?

A radical decision to give up Justin Roiland V Rick and Morty This became officially known at the beginning of the year. The co-creator of the series was accused of domestic violence, so the production company chose to part ways. Added to this were rumors about the allegedly bad atmosphere that she created at work, as well as inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature with other women. Therefore, although he was the one who conceived the successful animation proposal back in 2013 together with Dan Harmon, Roiland This is no longer part of the project.

Things came to a head when an anonymous woman came forward to report the alleged assault in January. Among the charges the creative faced were domestic violence with bodily injury, as well as a false imprisonment charge for threats, violence, fraud and/or deceit. However, months after allegations of gender-based violence were made public, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Despite this, in Adult swimming They remained firm in their decision not to hire him again, now or in the future. Rick and Morty. Especially after further new research carried out NBK with serious allegations from several women in which he repeatedly sent messages to underage women on social media. And from what was seen in the trailer, at least as far as votes are concerned, he won’t be allowed to pass.

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