Attention: This article contains SPOILERS for the series. Ahsoka.

Chapter seven Ahsoka already released in Disney+. The series is well into its final phase with the penultimate transition episode to what comes next. For this reason, almost no unexpected news was included in over 40 minutes. But while the story didn’t move forward much, some very important details were revealed before the final fireworks went off in Chapter Eight.

Plot Ahsoka It was focused on Peridea, the only currently known planet of the second, very distant galaxy. It was there that both the Jedi and the Jedi were exiled. Ezra Bridger so angry Grand Admiral Thrawn. Episode six was responsible for introducing the status of both characters when Morgan Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, Shin Hachi, and Sabine Wren arrived on the scene. Thrawn managed to rebuild his army by teaming up with the three Great Mothers of the Nightsisters. Ezra, for his part, managed to escape and take refuge in a tribe of peaceful nomadic creatures.

To prevent them from interfering with his plans to return home, Thrawn sent Skoll and Hati after them. But in fact, he admitted to Elsbeth that the fate of the heroes does not matter. The priority was to return to the galaxy as normal along with the huge cargo. To do this they will need three turns. In the seventh episode Ahsokathis time will soon expire.

Thrawn’s true plans Ahsoka

Since the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn was announced in Ahsoka, all the clues pointed to the same place. The blue villain has been widely known as Heir to the Empire since the 90s, when he debuted in some novels that are not canon today. IN The MandalorianThe remnants of the Empire hoped that Thrawn would return. Under his leadership, the Empire will be able to restore and plunge the galaxy back into a reign of terror that Palpatine lasted for so long.

However, as the final episode Ahsoka approaching, this theory loses force in favor of an even more terrible one. Thrawn continues to insist that the most important thing is to return to the galaxy with those mysterious boxes that his soldiers place on the Imperial destroyer. “Because the enemy was distracted, we had already transported almost all the cargo. So soon we will be able to leave this forgotten place,” he tells Elsbeth. But the most important thing is that, although the contents of this cargo are not revealed, it can be predicted intuitively.

These boxes are approximately the size of a person. Some chests that many fans are increasingly realizing are actually coffins. The Nightsisters are capable of resurrecting the dead using their magic, as has been seen many times before in Star Wars. And given Thrawn’s alliance with the three Great Mothers in AhsokaIt’s entirely possible that this is his real plan.

Thrawn would not want to return to the galaxy to resurrect the Empire from the ashes. What he really wants is to conquer the entire galaxy for himself, forgetting about those who are loyal to him. And this impossible feat will be achieved thanks to a huge army of zombies, controlled by three witches. That is why the villain does not want to leave Peridea until all the sarcophagi are inside his ship. To fight Ezra, Sabine and Ahsoka, he sends some of his soldiers alive as they are “acceptable casualties”. But the dead will be much more bloodthirsty and dangerous. And he wants them all available to become the absolute owner of the known galaxy. Of course, this is just a theory that should be confirmed in the eighth episode of the series, which will premiere on Disney+ October 4 (night of the 3rd in Latin America).

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Unexpected cameo

Another important point of the seventh chapter Ahsoka This is actually a new cameo. So far, the series has included numerous characters that are well known to fans. Among them are heroes such as Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Chopper, Mon Mothma, Carson Teva or Captain Rex. Also villains, such as, obviously, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Although the most famous was the return of Anakin Skywalker. Hayden Christensen He returned to appear in his Padawan series. A chapter to pay homage to the series Clone Wars which fans of the franchise love so much. In fact, in this seventh chapter, Anakin appears again as a hologram.

But he is not the only mythical character. star Wars it seems Ahsoka. This moment occurs during Hero’s trial. The New Republic organized a tribunal to bring the heroine to justice for disobeying direct orders and unauthorized access to the planet Siathos. Hera decided to do this to help Ahsoka and Sabine, but now she will have to answer for it to the senators. Especially before Sionovery angry at his performance.

This character does not believe the report written by Hera and demands that she be court-martialed. It is then that the main character manages to free herself from this fate in an amazing way. It’s nothing more than C3POthe legendary protocol droid that was part of the original trilogy star Wars. After this, the character reappeared in the prequels, revealing that he was created by Anakin. He also appeared in the sequels, making him one of the main characters of the entire saga.


C3PO comes to court with a message of his own. Princess Leia “The Honorable Senator Organa has become aware of this unfortunate situation and wishes to provide this transcript of data with which she hopes to resolve the matter,” he explains to the court. This transcript indicates that it was Leia who authorized Hera’s mission to Siathos.

“Unfortunately, I was unaware that Senator Xiono voted against the mission… without her,” he adds, making Leia’s anger clear. Send your concerns to her as the leader of the Defense Council,” he concludes his message. That’s how it should be. noted that the actor Anthony Daniels This is him again under the yellow C3PO icon. Before Ahsokathe translator has given life to the robot in every famous Star Wars project since. New Hope, the 1977 film that started it all. This short scene, accompanied by the original Star Wars soundtrack, serves as a nostalgic anchor meant to honor the franchise’s most dedicated fans.

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