Tech giant Google has decided to redirect its commitment to podcasts and integrate them into YouTube Music and leaving aside its proprietary platform, Google Podcasts, which will cease operations at the end of 2024.

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The company, which is set to shut down next year, has outlined a transition plan that will make it easier for podcast creators and fans to bring their content and experiences to YouTube Music. This will be supported by tools and guides provided by the company, aimed at simplifying the migration process for users, as announced on the official YouTube blog.

“We know this transition will take time, but these efforts will allow us to build an incredible product and unique goal that rewards creators and artists and offers fans the best podcast experience,” the YouTube team said.

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This move is in line with Google’s ongoing investments in YouTube Music; It now allows users in the United States to enjoy and watch podcasts without requiring a subscription, while also offering features such as the ability to download shows, play in the background, and switch between audio. and video modes.

The company’s vision is global, confirming its plans to make YouTube Music podcasts accessible to users around the world before the end of this year.

YouTube Music is presented as a platform that allows users to discover and enjoy a variety of music and podcasts across all their devices. provides access to the latest hits, new audio discoveries, and updates from the user’s favorite artists.

The platform offers two types of services. An ad-supported version allows users to play and download most podcasts in the background. The Premium version, on the other hand, offers a more exclusive experience, eliminating ad interruptions during music playback and allowing you to enjoy music in audio mode, as well as maintaining background playback and download functions.

More importantly, even with a YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscription, users may still find promotional or branded content in podcasts, depending on whether the creator chooses to include such elements. This means that promotional links, libraries, and other features may appear near or within creator-provided content.

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